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Gigi here! Our dog Skittles (West Highland Terrier mix) loves to chew my personal items if she doesn’t receive much attention—oh, that would be playing with her 24/7. I’ve lost my pens, flash drives, a purse, and a crystal candy dish (don’t even ask).  Her actions scream, “You stopped petting me and now you will pay for it.”  The joy she brings is worth a few ruined items.  Okay—more than a few, but they can be replaced.
Thus, this review is brought to you in part by our little “terrierist.”  She is savvy when it comes to cosmetics and generally chooses the best and most efficacious.  Her last “meal” was a great choice!  She gave me the ideal product for a review.  I found her chewing on paper blotting sheets.
I melt in the summer sun like the witch in “The Wizard of Oz.”  Heat, humidity, and long days out working hard at amusement parks, county fairs, and picnics leave me appearing like the wilted last rose of summer.  Beware layering more pressed powder to address this if it happens to you, as it will only exacerbate the problem when it coagulates. What saves the day?  Blotting tissues to eliminate shine and leave makeup intact in an instant!  Unwashed is not the look I’m trying to achieve.
My love affair began with Papier Poudre’s version twenty years ago.  They retail for $2.75 and up at Amazon (which just morphed into a drugstore for the time being). They were first sold at Crabtree & Evelyn and I recall purchasing the entire display.  The clerk said, “Must you have them all now?”  My reply:  “Yes.”  I can still see her annoyed expression.  They are a delight and come in shades including rose.  Press the powder sheet gently—emphasis on gently—on affected areas (not under eyes) and savor the delicate, sweet scent.  There is just a tiny hint of color, nothing to leave you looking garish, only a soft matte finish.  These were created at the turn of the century so that women could touch up their faces without calling attention to themselves; makeup was considered “inappropriate.”  I suppose they wouldn’t have approved of us.  Life before “Megettes”—unthinkable!
I also use Clean and Clear’s sheets available everywhere ($5.99).  Steph222 knows these rock.  The texture feels like a balloon and appears strange at first, but they rid your face of oil easily as well as grime and perspiration.  There is no fragrance, but the tissues pop up easily.  You will be amazed at what they remove!  One of the advantages of all blotting sheets is that they are portable and will fit wherever you go, even in a pocket in your “skinny jeans” or a tiny purse.  I keep them in my glove compartment, desk, vanity, and my luggage just in case.
If you cannot find Palladio’s rice paper version at a drugstore, check them out online at Amazon or Beauty Habit, where they sell for about $4.00 (Gigi, for shame—did you lose your mind completely?).  These are unique and have a dual purpose.  One side is used to absorb shine and the other leaves behind just a trace of scented powder.  Shiseido, Clinique, and many companies have created their own sheets and this is a time when price absolutely doesn’t matter.  Why pay $15.00 and more for something that works just as well or better for less?
We all want to glow, but your T-zone shouldn’t.  What are you waiting for?  Purchase them now and I promise that your summer skin will thank you and Skittles will be happy.  She gives them five tail thumps!

Who else has found some “value” blotting papers? Whatcha got!?

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