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hydroquinoneGood Morning Megheads! It’s Jeanasina here with another rendition of Body Beautiful Wednesday! I thought a good topic for today would be Hydroquinone Cream!

My birthday was on Monday so to help me celebrate the fact that I have turned 62 years old, my absolutely spectacular Harleyman husband gave me some $$’s to go get a facial! I COULD NOT WAIT! At my favorite salon, SalBel (where I brought Meg during her visit to Minneapolis), the world’s best esthetician and facial specialist Linsey, gave me a face-ecstasy experience to remember! I cannot say enough about how much of a relaxing, enjoyable, sensory experience getting a facial with her is! Meg told you about the ‘heated blankets’ they feature at my salon! You crawl in beneath the softest, warmest blankets ever and shortly after your bliss-o-rama facial begins!

Linsey used anti-aging products on my skin and while they sat on my face, she administered a neck, arm and hand massage which sent me over the top in the gloriously relaxed department! I didn’t want any of it to end! I wish I could send all of you to my girl Linsey because I simply believe she is the best! She told me during my facial that she LOVES to nurture people and you can feel by her touch that this is true! She applied masks and creams and performed hundreds of circular massages to every single plane on my face! My ears even benefited from her luxurious touch! Linsey truly gives me moments of Heaven on Earth! Did I mention the water fountain trickling in the background and the tranquil music?

At one point during the facial she covered my eyes with cooling pads and turned on her mega-watt light to really look at my skin to check for melias, skin malfunctions such as acne etc. and sun damage! I have to say, she really made my day because she told me repeatedly that she can’t get over how great my skin is and that most women my age don’t have skin as nurtured looking as mine is! Yipppiee! Now I’m not telling you this to brag, but I am telling this to let you know you need to start taking care of your skin NOW! I don’t use top of the line expensive products (only what I can personally afford and believe in) but something I am doing must be right! She told me I have small pores like most younger women have and that it’s quite enviable! I was elated again! Maybe it’s all that laughing and smiling I do!

However, I do have sun damage from all the years I baked my face! I wish I had never been hooked on allowing the sun to shower it’s skin scorching rays down on my baby oil slathered face! That was so stupid on my part! If I had a ‘do over’ I would have never had a goal to be the tannest woman on the planet every single summer! I’d give anything for porcelain skin now!

My esthetician told me I could probably greatly lighten my sun/age spots by using 2% Hydroquinone cream! Before I left the salon, I purchased the cream (the salon has it’s own brand) at a cost of $20.00 which I felt was reasonable! So I’m starting my Hydroquinone journey today as I write this!

Of course I did my research before I made the first application to my face and chest and there is SO much information out there about this cream, both good and alarming! I read repeatedly that this cream is considered to probably be the most effective skin bleaching cream in existence today! This cream is used by many to treat, fade and lighten freckles, liver spots/age spots, acne scars and other skin discolorations associated with pregnancy, skin trauma, birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy to name a few. This is a skin-bleaching agent. It works by inhibiting an enzyme reaction in skin cells. You can purchase this product on it’s own as I did or I found that it’s used in many other skin-bleaching products as a main ingredient.

Of course there are warnings and the usual scary paralyzing side effect declarations on this product…”Typical side effects of this medicine include skin dryness and cracking of the skin if the cream is applied around the nose or eyes. Patients may also experience redness or a mild burning sensation around the area where the cream was applied. Severe side effects require a doctor’s immediate attention. These include rash, hives, difficulty breathing, swelling of the facial features or tongue, chest pains, blisters, darkening of the skin, chronic redness, stinging, or skin irritation..”

So what I want to know is…do any of YOU use any products that contain this ingredient? Have you had good or bad experiences? I love feedback so Megheads tell us what you know about Hydroquinone! In the meantime, I used it last night and this morning and there doesn’t seem to be any side effects happening to me that I am aware of. I realize it will take months of time to see if indeed this cream has diminished my constantly lamented over age/sun spot damage! In the meantime when I work out in my garden under the sun, I’m wearing the equivalent of a summer-time ski mask! I refuse to get even one more sun spot on my 62 old face!

Hydroquinone is a very popular way to get rid of discoloration. Do you use any products with this ingredient?

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