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here today with another fabuloso Green Chi Tuesdays!  Fabulous is a word that gets thrown around a LOT these days.  This wine is fabulous, the restaurant is fabulous, your bag is fabulous…and they may very well be but what sets the fabulous apart from the UBER-fabulous?  Well darlings…its all about the “oohhh” factor wrapped up in super shiny, superficial, and super HOT packaging!  I know, I know…it’s what’s on the INSIDE that counts but sometimes I just want to wallow in shallow!  Occasionally, don’t we all?  How else to you explain the fact that the Kardashian’s have their own TV show?  Shallow is the new talented.

K-clan aside there is nothing wrong with falling a little in love with just a package.  Get your mind out of the gutter…NOT that kind…the kind that appears before you all sparkly and shining, with the light gleaming off of every facet and your eyes dancing with delight!  The kind that is bejeweled and glittering and makes you squeal like a school girl.  I’m talking about the SUPER adorable silver and rhinestone packaging of the new Limited Edition Tarte 3 Carats Mini Cheek Stain!  The second I saw mine I was booty shakin’ in my seat and ready to tackle anyone who would let me try it on them!  I loved it that much…and I don’t even use cheek color.  Insert sad sigh of regret here.  No worries…sparkly lovin’ mavens abound and so I started out on my quest to bejewel the apple cheeks of my friends and family.

Everyone I tried it on had the SAME initial reaction…“OOOHHH…can I keep it!”  Winner goes to the girl that looks the best in it and will appreciate the cuteness factor.  Who wouldn’t when it gives me the same intoxicating high as checking out the center stone of my wedding ring in great lighting!  What newly engaged girl hasn’t almost WRECKED their car because they were transfixed by the beautiful bevy of rainbow sparkles bouncing off their ring?  Yep.  That was me for sure!

But let’s not be too quick to assume its beauty is only rhinestone deep.  This pretty little cheek stain comes a’ trois with scrumptious shimmering Brilliant Champagne, Princess Rose and Cushion Apricot colors.  All together as a mini-limited edition set to stuff stockings or keep for yourself depending on the occasion.  The champagne would be GORGEOUS on deeper toned skin giving you a beautiful golden holiday glow, the rose GREAT for those who like the pink kissed tone of a brisk cold day and the apricot is perfect for warming up your cheeks and giving you a healthy shimmer for us paler girls who need a little OOMPH in the colder months.  My friend Michelle (newly engaged and transfixed by her OWN hypnotic rock…CONGRATS!) tried the Cushion Apricot out with barely any face makeup on and it gave her the prettiest wearable glow.  Not overly made up and obvious.  Just a warm flush and sheer sparkle to the apples of her cheeks and with very little effort she was out the door and looking fresh faced and pretty! (side note…apply with fingertips and dab…this works best for application)

Lots of beauty guru’s have their “top tricks” for quick beauty routines and in the winter months I’d have to say adding Tarte’s 3 Carat Mini Cheek Stains to your repertoire is a sure fire winner.  A dusting of powder or base, a little mascara, hit the cheeks with your choice in stain colors and a swipe of your favorite gloss will have you looking polished and glowing.  Very French, very fabuleux, very scarf and chic boots sexy!  

And more things to mention which should NOT be passed over…these smell INCREDIBLE!  Incredible like if you were a kid and mom gave you one of those clear candy cane stocking stuffers filled with flavored lip balms you’d consider eating them first and blame it on your little brother later!  And of course, as always, Tarte is infused with great natural skinvigorating ingredients such as Acai and Gogi berry, Pomegranate and Acerola and Maracuja known for reducing redness.  Well you’ve got me there Tarte!

This beautiful (on the inside and out…I give in!) set is available for the holiday season and as I’ve mentioned…perfect for sharing or being the Grinch Who Stole Tarte and keeping them all to yourselves!  GLAM ON!

Editor’s note-I had to break up the trio’s because Tarte had almost already sold out of these. This is why you’ll see reviews on one instead of three. I had Brilliant Champagne and will review on its brilliance. It wasn’t possible to get our paws on the whole kit because production had not finished at the time. Now it has finished….Lucky you! They’re awesome!

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