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I am not VocalistMeg. I am just regular, plain ol’ Meg. VocalistMeg is bringing us a new feature on-you guessed it! Mondays. Those ads on TV? The snazzy coupons in the back of Star Magazine? Internet Miracles? VocalistMeg will tell you…DOES IT REALLY WORK? This Monday she tackles hair removers! Welcome VocalistMeg! Love, Meg

Today my friends, we begin with hair removal products. Which ones work and which ones belong on the – Not even if you paid me – list? Perhaps our most unsightly problem and the biggest pain to deal with is that “hair, hair, everywhere”! Being of Portuguese descent, I can safely say that I am one seriously hairy chick and an excellent candidate for all of your hair removal questions. You name it, I’ve tried it. Allow me to be your “virtual test dummy” and save that hard earned dough for your next Sephora binge!

Laser Removal – ( $300 per treatment ) After a Tucson Monsoon caused a tree to topple over and squish my little Mazda last year, I was granted the rare opportunity to pay for a complete set of laser treatments with the insurance money. The difference between Laser treatments and Electrolysis? “Lasers seek a contrast between hair pigment and skin to identify the hair it must destroy, so it works better on patients with fair skin and darker hair. For all of you tattooed women out there, remember that Lasers focus on pigment and you cannot be lazered over any type of tattoo. Although I am hairless on my legs and face, I will have to shave over the tattoos on my right leg until I can afford Electrolysis.If your whiskers are clear or blonde, Electrolysis would be a better option for you too. I prefer laser because that is what I had done to my face and legs.Unfortunately, I forgot to spring the money for my pits and spent my wedding day hiding the dark shadow under my arms!

Laser hurts, but it is totally worth it! It really works and I would do it for the rest of my life if I had to. I consider it no more painful than a rubber band snap. But lucky for me, my laser center is right across from a popular bar.

Your average laser treatment is not only costly, but time consuming. In between sessions, you cannot wax, pluck, thread – etc… You can only “Shave”.Doesn’t sound that bad when you’re getting your legs done, but keep this in mind if you plan to get your face done. It was humiliating to me when I had to sneak my razor to the shower to shave my chin. I was so afraid my “then fiancé” would walk in and freak out. I kept picturing myself accidentally slicing my throat over something startling like a knock on the bathroom door.

Epilators – ( $50 – $100 ) Hurts like a laser (maybe even a little worse) but costs less to buy and own than ½ the fee of one laser session. The image of this Emjoi is the EXACT one I own and used. (Before getting laser treatments). It works wonders! I noticed my face is way too sensitive to use this on my lip or chin – but on the legs, I say “go for it”. If you do want to try it elsewhere, it is imperative that you do a test spot first. My entire face looked like a pizza after a quick run across the cheeks!
I am referencing a website for you to learn more about this product; (

Threading – ( $12 – $25 per visit ) While I am all for waxing, threading is great if you are sensitive to wax, but my personal experience is that my face breaks out with both and the threading tends to miss the really fine hairs. If you are pretty Savvy with keeping things even and you have sensitive skin like me, I highly recommend the at home pre-waxed, pre-shaped, strips by Surgi-Wax. It is quicker than time consuming plucking and it is very well priced at your local drugstore. Despite my skeptiscism, these are very easy to use and my sisters are always begging me to share. That’s my best pick if you ask me!!!

Cream Removers – ( $30 – $50 ) I tried the expensive HSN advertised “Liquid Laser” and – while it did remove my hair, it did not do much more than its cheaper competitors. It also smelled worse than your typical perm solution. The scent was not what they advertised as “Pleasant”. It was more like a cow-pie in a pretty package… When it comes down to it, a razor is much safer and healthy to use than those cream removers. If you insist on using this type of product, just stick with your Drug Store’s selection. You will be glad you did.

I won’t bore you with a “Razor Review”.I just had to let you know that the Gillette Fusion really lives up to its claim. If you are not interested in investing the big bucks into your laser hair removal just yet, then this should be your first buy the next time your Sunday paper offers a coupon. (Which is often) They also have a Money Back guarantee:

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. I hope you found my opinions helpful and entertaining. If you have any ideas, questions or products you want tested, please leave a comment! For personal advice or relationship questions, please feel free to ask me at Meg put me here to help and I am at your service!

Ladies, what hair removing trick is your favorite?

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