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Stacy B here! With so many great products out there it seems like we could write a brand new review every week for decades (and even some about not-so-great products). But, once in a while it’s worth a second look at a product that’s been raved about before.  A new perspective is always helpful and so is the reminder that some products really work well and deserve a second mention.
Plus, if it’s endorsed by Meg in this post, you know it’s a good one!
As you probably know, I’m STILL pregnant. Still. It’s been like 14 months or something. My official due date is Monday, but according to the doctor it could happen anytime. My son was 5 days early so I’m hoping this little one comes right around the same time as his big brother. That would be today, so if you could all do me a favor and think labor thoughts as you are reading this, it would really help me out.
I’ve had some bone, joint and nerve issues in my lower back this time so my doctor pulled me from work a few weeks ago to avoid early labor due to stress. I’ve been relaxing at home (as much as a beached whale can relax) and doing approved activities here and there. Mostly I’m just watching bad TV and trying to bribe this kid out. While showering and doing light activities are approved, they do take a lot of energy, especially since on a good day, my hair takes about 25 minutes to blow dry. That’s a long time for me to be standing. Since I can’t really go too many places I’m not overly concerned with a perfect blow out every day, but I’ve been aiming for every other day. My hair is REALLY thick, so air-drying is a joke (we’re talking hours here) and wet buns or pony tails give me headaches thanks to the weight of all my hair. So every other day, I dry my hair. Then I take a nap. No kidding.
What’s been saving me on the days I don’t wash and dry is Got 2B’s Fat-Tastic Fresh and Full Dry Shampoo. On the days I don’t wash it in the shower, this saves me from looking like a greasy rat, so if I have to run to the grocery store, or the doctor, or the drugstore (all approved by doctor, but only one each day!) I can use this and my hair is light, fluffy, easy to manage and smells good.
I don’t have to use a ton, just my roots on the crown of my head, the back and underneath layers don’t need anything. I blast a few sprays on my roots while lifting sections of my hair with my fingers. Then I run a brush through it as I blow dry for a few seconds and I’m like new.  Much better on my lower back than standing and hair drying for 25 minutes!
It has a light, flowery, baby powder smell. It’s a bit overpowering when you first spray it (I almost choked the first time I used it) but brushing and drying it out takes care of that. My husband even said my hair smelled nice one night, almost 36 hours after my last shampoo. Be carefull not to spray for too long on one section or you’ll get that colonial white wig look. Just a few squirts is enough. I’ve also found that this is a great refresher on a warm or humid day when you are going from work to happy hour or something. Or in my case, couch to my parents house so they can make me dinner. 😉 Just flip your head upside down, spray a few light blasts on your roots and finger comb. Instand volume and freshness.
I am definitely putting this in my hospital bag, what a great way to still look fresh and happy after a sweaty and gross labor! It’s supposed to be one of the best moments of your life, so why not take 30 seconds and make yourself look as amazing as you feel? Then you’ll be as beautiful as your perfect newborn in all those first moment pictures.
Remember…labor thoughts everyone!! What labor do you go through for great hair?
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