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triakilitineGoddess Granny is still waiting for the first cool breeze of Autumn to hit here in the South: I’m actually ready for and craving a bit of change although it does require more from me: I am some sort of hot house flower (as my husband calls me) that NEEDS to feel and look “different” because the month on the wall says so! Not sure what the correct term for this “ailment” IS but no doubt,there is a medication with a long list of nasty side-effects in the works to help me through these seasonal periods of adjustment?

Guess for now I’ll just change to pumpkin-orange candles and color my hair to match while I wait it out…have the boots and the skinny jeans with the goofy name, ( I mean come on now JEGGINGS? They do look good though if you buy the right ones!) the deep lip color and the cozy sweater so bring it Mama Nature!

One thing I dislike about cooler weather is the fact that my fair skin seems to show the creases and cracks MUCH more obviously as it becomes drier and because I am not blessed with skin that tolerates too many hi-jinks or new-fangled products without blotching up or breaking out, I am grateful for Argon Oil to help fix just about everything overnight but what to do about the crevices in the morning is a problem…some days a problem as big as the Grand Canyon in my mirror!

The experienced folks at “Good Skin Labs” have created a line of products that are available online or at Kohl’s department stores: now don’t go turning up your nose at the “discount department store” marketing, I have been sporting my fabulous chunky pearl and chain bracelet that the divine Vera Wang designed for this store! I get stopped on a regular basis and asked if it’s a VERY high end designer piece! I truly believe “quality” comes in all price ranges and places and this line of easy to coordinate and choose skin care has really taken this market by storm with tons of great reviews and affordable choices! Everything is MD formulated with quality ingredients and the formulations are very advanced and comparable to “other” brands I’ve used-who knew?

When I received a tube of “Tri-Aktiline Total Face” in cheery pro-packaging, I had no idea “what” it was,looked very “clinical” in it’s presentation: an instant line reducing moisturizer that gives IMMEDIATE results and actually reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles upon the first application! It gets better: over 4 weeks, extensive studies show that 90% of those who tested this product were RAVING about the smoothness and long-lasting effects it produces.Now for the “purists” among us,there is a combination of ingredients that includes “Kombuchka” (that magic mushroom tea) that has been proven to produce “lipo-filling” effects that result in MUCH smoother skin along with some unpronounceable ingredients but I’m not one who gets hung up on such things because I’ve never been convinced that “nature” always knows best! (Or it’d be 70 degrees here today!) As with all products, if you know you have sensitivities,do a test-patch prior to using just to be safe.

Doctor-dispensed fillers can hurt,are never inexpensive,and do wear off,I get them on a regular basis so I was MORE than willing to pop the cap and see what this product could do:very nice serum-like consistency and very light scent.Applies easily and a dab goes a long way…so far so good! Makes for a wonderful base under my foundation and because it contains a ton of vitamin B, I felt like I was doing some good…funny how we believe in such things Kiss) I DO think that my skin appeared smoother and nicer after the first application and I have been using this product for about a week with excellent results! I don’t use it at night although you certainly could. My “verdict” for this product is that it’s a super-nice product. It has some unique properties that doesn’t irritate and really gives a beautiful finish to the skin-much like a high-end primer does. I think the proof will be when,as I mentioned, it gets cooler. I really NEED much more hydration then. I think you could get a couple of months worth of daily use out of a tube so I’m going to stay faithful and see if I’ve actually been fortunate enough to receive something that I’ll not have an ounce of remorse about buying again! It’s a wonderful product that has REAL smoothing and hydrating qualities and that’s affordable! I’d go as far to say it measures up to some MUCH more expensive brands with similar results!

Buy it here or stalk your local Kohl’s!

I learned a solid lesson with this review: I too fall into the “marketing traps” and DO tend to buy those products who’s “brands” I recognize and therefore relate to as “high quality”: this gem of a company,”Good Skin Labs” is one that rivals the “big boys” is many respects and I do believe I will now feel really good about buying and trying new to me brands such as this (with some pre-research of course!) because people…times are tough and we all NEED our stuff so why not save a few more pennies if something less known about  is REALLY as good as the popular names we know?

Do you stick to the notable brands on the shelves that you see in the glossy ads or do you think that some of the indies and lesser-known companies out there ARE creating great products that deserve a try? What brands have you found to be as good as the higher-priced ones?

Buy It Here!

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