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Here’s Stylemama! Bringing you her new Made With Heart and Soul Column on little companies that go the extra mile!

Stylemama here, wanting to know what makes you feel like a goddess? Do you achieve goddess status once you’ve spent enough time primping, finding the perfect outfit, or the sexiest shoes?  Or is it more of an internal transformation for you?  Seeing yourself reflected in the eyes of your lover?  Or is it about experiencing unconditional love given and received by your children or a beloved pet?  Could it happen when you accomplish something you never thought possible?  Or are you like me and respond, “all of the above baby”!   I crave balance, I need a little bit from each category.  Stylepapa tells me that I need a little bit from each of The Five Love Languages too.   Equal parts in each category, balance or greed?  Hmmmm, I don’t know; I think now is the perfect time to bring up the makeup!

One thing I know FOR SURE, Ifeanyi Chijindu from Goddess C.A.T encourages each one of us to find our inner goddess and let it shine.   Shine on sisters!  

I recently had the opportunity to sample two more products from their enticing line.   The blush they sent has become a staple item in my beauty bag, Goddess Glow Blush in Nile Kiss.  It’s a beautiful coral-y color with a tinge of luminescence thrown in to really make you, well, glow.   It ‘s the perfect pick me up when you don’t feel like a full face of makeup but can’t stand to run around completely naked face.   It also delivers just as beautifully on a fully dressed face.  So far, every time I’ve put on something from Goddess CAT my sweet, observant Stylepapa has taken notice.  Oh wait, the man hardly notices whether or not I’ve even brushed my teeth, so this is really saying something.

On to the eyes, they are the mirrors of the soul, so let’s not neglect the chance to expertly frame them.  I received the Goddess C.A.T. MesmerEyes shadow in Sandal.  This is a beautiful golden-taupe neutral shade with a fair amount of shimmer.  It’s a great highlighter shade, but wouldn’t be my go to pick for day.  Lately, I’ve avoided any daytime shimmer.  Is it my quickly approaching 36th birthday or does eye shimmer slowly become the enemy for a day look?   I think this would be great for the younger MegHeads or for those of you that aren’t developing fine lines at the same sad rate as I am.

I prefer the look and feel of this eye shadow with a primer.  But honestly, I can’t think of any shadow I don’t like better when used with a primer.  How did we ever live without them?  I find myself repeatedly grabbing Sandal for my evening eyes.  It really plays them up while achieving that unique play on light that so far all of the Goddess C.A.T. cosmetics have effortlessly accomplished.   I’m not sure how they do it, but I’m sure glad they did!

I am taking a guess here, but since I noticed a very simple, clean, and affordable look to the packaging, I’m thinking it was intentional.  Take a look at their amazing prices and combine that with the quality product and you can see that they cut cost in exactly the right spot.  Sure, I love expensive packaging but NOT more than I love a top quality, affordable product.  Mission accomplished, they took an amazing product, streamlined the design and extended the value on to the customer.  Why thank you, Ifeanyi  we sure appreciate that, love you girl!  (Right now, the blush is on sale for $8.95 and the eyeshadow is also on sale for $5.99.)

I must also mention something I didn’t on our last Goddess C.A.T. review.   They are not an affiliate or the same company as Cat Cosmetics.  We love that company too, but they are not one in the same.  That’s okay; there is plenty of cat to go around, and just as much goddess, right? 

So tell me, how do you find your inner goddess? What Goddess C.A.T. have you been lucky enough to try?!

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