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Meg here! Here as in Fashion Week New York City! What does a fashionable girl do before a few days of glamorous television appearances and parties? If that fashionable girl is moi, I get into the city and get a good nights sleep so I am fresh faced and lens friendly! It’s called beauty sleep for a reason.

Before I start the “process” of washing my face and adding my face moisturizers and eye creams I have been using Go Smile’s Go Whiter Speed Whitening System (banner on the right side of the page here.) It is easy as my #1 first step to get ready.

This pack is a total different concept, it starts with a primer. Before you prime, be sure to wipe extra moisture off your teeth. Just take a Kleenex and pat your teeth dry. I am like an old woman (I carry bags of Kleenex with me everywhere. I am extremely sexy and constantly have to blow my nose.) I try to at least always carry tissues printed with something cute to distract from the fact I am both elderly and sickly. So, this starts with a primer-I know, right? Doesn’t everything these days? Face primer, eyeshadow primer-good lord! Those primers work and now I’m never without them. This primer works as well. It acts as both a whitener accelerator and as a protector for sensitive teeth. There is no drying time. You just pop the tube and put it on. Next step, cracking the ampoules. By now, these ampoules are our great friends and we know how to use them. Just cover your primer based with with these handy ampoules and go! Don’t eat or drink for 20 minutes so this is when I start the other stuff. Now, I have twenty minutes to wash my face, cream up and get my bed all settled.

I’m sitting here typing with my Go Smile AM on. Yes, I do this same process in the morning. Instead of putting on creams I’m putting on mascara. Same stuff different day!

As a former smoker, heavy red wine drinker I am pleased to say that my whiters are indeed pearly and I have been complimented on them! That’s all it takes for me to keep on doing something-compliments!

GoSmile is offering 15% OFF WITH MEG15! That’s a great deal! I spent $500 to get my teeth lasered way back when. They look just as nice now that I’m on the Go Smile System!

How diligent are you about your teeth? I’m just recently becoming obsessed since I need a new thing to obsess about! Go get your Go Smile on for 15%! Meg15!

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