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I like glitter. I like Disco balls. I love glow. It’s great…it makes you look healthy, and light-hearted and fun-loving. At appropriate times of course. Glitter at a funeral will never be appropriate (unless its Paris Hilton’s…or maybe Elton John’s or something). A lot of women are afraid of glitter. This is usually a lot of women over 30. But why would you want to be grouped in that category? Glitter doesn’t have to be GLITTER. Glitter can be shimmer, glow, shine, sparkle, brilliance, pearlescence, et cetera. Its all GOOD in it’s own way. Any of these descriptors can do wonders for your face too! From far away shimmer or glitter or whatever tricks the human eye into seeing one solid, continuous surface, not things like fine lines and wrinkles and crow’s feet. Believe me, all-matte all the time makes you look like a wax figure (corpse). A dusty one. ESPECIALLY if you have dry skin.

WARNING: There is such a thing as TOO MUCH (read: shimmery WHITE eye shadow from lash to brow, frosted baby pink lip products, tacky glue and craft glitter on your face, or all of the above at one time).

But Seriously girls, this stuff is your new secret weapon! So here’s a few top picks so y’all are able to put away the tiler’s caulk and maybe bring out some cute platform wedges instead!

Smashbox Soft Lights – These come in a variety of shades (I really like the one they have in their summer collection – it’s called Sunset). I can be having some weird, dull, drab makeup day where I look like a corpse (earlier today). I just swipe some of this all over my face with a powder brush and I look like Freakin’ J-Lo! Dean and David Factor are my new best boyfriends (Founders of Smashbox, Sons of famous Max Factor).

Benefit Gilded highlighter pencil. This is a chubby pencil in a pretty tangerine-gold. Just swipe it on anywhere you need a highlighter and its the perfect pick-me up! I like to use it on the tops of my cheekbones just underneath where I get dark circles and on the inside corner of my eye to brighten me up. Its worth its weight in gold! 😉

Bare Escentuals Feather Light Mineral Veil and/or Well-Rested – (I can’t believe I’m doing this). Listen closely, cause this may never happen again as I have yet to be converted to the Bare Escentuals cult and beauty gods help me I never will be. But Bare Escentuals has recently (3-4 weeks ago) launched a new version of their famous mineral veil – Feather light – which is mineral veil with shimmer! It is sooooo pretty! Its a translucent version of their radiances! Use the Well-Rested multi-tasker under the eyes to look…well, duh…well rested!

Vincent Longo Dew Finish Foundations – These are especially great for dry-skinned girls because they’re very moisturizing. You get a medium to full coverage and the most gorgeous, positively glowing complexion you have ever seen!

For that total body effect, you can’t beat NARS Body Glow. It’s coconut oil…its bronzing….its fabulous.

I am a huge believer in skincare…great skincare that makes you glow from underneath your makeup can’t be beat. I have found that products that have a lot of citric acid in them really exfoliate your skin and make it look like you paid a million bucks at the dermatologist getting a peel…without the irritation and hassle of having to actually leave your own bathroom! Anything from the Juice Beauty line – Especially the Green Apple Moisturizer with SPF 30 or the Caudalie Moisturizers (Energizing Cream OR Premiere Vendanges…my favorite).

I could go on all day – but I want to hear what tips and tricks y’all have for brightening up that look!

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