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giovannifacemaskStacy B here! I like flying. I’m rare, I know. Turbulence, security, obnoxious seatmates and endless airport waiting can really take the fun out of it, but I still like it. It represents vacations, fun, independence and the chance to see or do something you have never experienced before. Sure, not all flights are a honeymoon in a box but the majority of the flights I take are for good reasons. Even if it’s a work trip, it’s still a chance to be in a new city, try new foods, maybe get a change in climate and be a mini-explorer for awhile.
I love curling up in my seat to a new book, splurging on chocolate-y snacks for a ridiculous price at the gate and getting a fancy bottle of Fiji water to tuck into my cute carry-on. And you know what’s waiting for me on the other end? Most likely, a new outfit or two I bought for my trip! Maybe even a new pair of shoes and some fun travel-sized new cosmetics.
Tomorrow, I’m flying to LA for a family trip. My husband’s 93-year-old grandmother is slowing down and it’s time we finally bite the bullet and put my energetic, observant and extremely talkative 2-and-a-half year old on a flight for 6 hours to go meet her. Nope, we’re not going to ease into flying with a toddler by hopping an hour-long flight…we’re going for the 6-hour jaunt. Rebel parents we are. Luckily, hubby’s grandmother isn’t sick or anything, she’s just 93 and things aren’t working as well as they have been for almost a century. (a CENTURY! Wow.) Anyway, it’s a great time to go see her while she’s still healthy, not knowing how long we have.
Along with magnetic toys, snacks, DVDs, blankets, crayons, sippy cups, books, stickers and the thousands of other things my son will need, I’m packing two very important things. One…blotting papers. Because airplane air is so gross on your skin. I get off the flight oily in some spots, dry in others, and all around icky. Those sheets can come in handy to soak up some of the oil the processed air seems to breed. And two…my Giovanni D:tox System’s Purifying Facial Mask. (You ladies didn’t think I was done raving about this 4-step line, did you!?!?)

This is going in my carry-on just in case my baggage gets lost. Because the second I get to my room and we are unpacked and calmed down, I’m slapping this baby on my clogged pores and letting is soak up the travel grease. This fancy-smelling mask goes on smooth as silk and in about 15-20 minutes hardens to a thin film that dries my skin out just enough to clear out the impurities. The volcanic ash absorbs the pollutants, and the high concentration of charcoal extracts the deeper impurities that camped out on my face for 6 hours. The website claims (and I believe it!) that it restores skin’s elasticity and finishes with a youthful glow.  It does, I love it. Really. Like you didn’t already know that from my three previous posts raving about this line….
But what I really like is that it soaks up excess oil without drying. I never feel dry after this; I feel smooth, light and refreshed. My pores feel cleared and I feel like my skin can breathe again. I have been using this 2-3 times a week for the last few weeks and I got ANOTHER compliment on my skin yesterday! I think I’m actually glowing. It really works. And the best part is that it’s not that expensive so when I run out, I can run to Target or Walmart and grab some more without hurting my wallet.
Another win for Giovanni! What else is on your list of cosmetic travel essentials?

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