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moisturizerStacy B here! Am I the only one on a serious push to get back into bikini-shape in the next few weeks? I doubt it! I’ve been working out like crazy for the last few weeks, trying to lose those last 5-10 lbs of baby weight because let’s be honest, it’s not baby weight anymore, my son is 2 and a half. It’s lazy weight. I’ve always been in decent shape but you all know that as we get older, things get a little tougher. I have been going to the gym, doing Jillian Michael’s 30-Day Shred (totally recommend it for anyone with a tight schedule, it’s fast and effective), taking long walks in my hilly neighborhood while pushing my son in his stroller and getting back into Bikram yoga. I keep a chart of my workout days and am starting to see some definition in my arms and legs. I lost one pound last week and feel like I may have done it again this week. We’ll find out Friday morning – it’s weigh-in day.
Regardless of the scale, I’ve been feeling better about myself which is great. Today I wore a dress I wouldn’t have worn two months ago and a landscaper at my work stopped what he was doing and gave me a wave and a little tip of his cap! Quite the motivational boost!
Working out also gives my skin a boost. It’s probably the extra water I drink, the adrenaline and the extra sleep I get from being so exhausted. Like a tip of the hat motivates me to stay on my workout path, looking in the mirror and seeing healthy skin motivates me to keep taking care of it the right way.
If you’ve been following my posts lately, you know I’m knee-deep in happiness over Giovanni’s D:tox System. After barely a week on the 4-step process I got two compliments on my skin. The face wash is gentle yet effective, the exfoliating face scrub is just the right amount of tough-love my skin needs and today, I’m going to continue to gush over the next step…the face lotion.
The D:tox System’s Replenishing Facial Moisturizer is like guzzling a big glass of water after a great workout. It replenishes, hydrates and refreshes. This is a deep moisturizing lotion that “may be one of the most potent moisturizers available”. I believe it Giovanni. It’s the product I can’t believe I survived a particularly harsh New England winter without.
This is so thick, but absorbs quickly. It’s smooth but not oily. It’s fresh smelling but not overwhelming. It’s healing but not medicinal. A little bit really goes a long way, this normal sized tube will last forever. The first night I used it, I squeezed a typical amount of lotion on my hand and it was way too much. It went over my face, neck, collarbone and shoulders! You only need a little! A pea size covered perfectly and rubbed right in. I can feel my skin drinking it in.
Even through the night my skin feels moist and fresh and I think it’s softening some of those stubborn laugh lines on my forehead. Must be those acai and goji berries that are always bragging about how they can rejuvenate and refresh stubborn skin. Add in some green tea and fig and my skin feels like it did 10 years ago before I knew I was going to get older. Whatever it is, it’s working, I love it and you couldn’t pry this out of my hands if you tried.
Wow, just listen to my rambling. I can’t say enough! I was struggling with what to write for this post because I am starting to feel like I’ve been gushing about this line for so many weeks that I’m starting to sound insincere. I can only spew sunshine and rainbows for so long before you start to think “Really? Can it really be that good?”. Yes. It can and it is.
I’m totally sold on Giovanni and haven’t found one thing that should be fixed or improved.
I promise I’ll look for something in the next few weeks that I don’t like so I can keep some credibility! Have any of you tried anything from this line yet?

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