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giovannidtoxStacy B here! I’m a sucker for cool packaging. I’m a marketing exec’s dream. And I even have a background in sales and a little bit of marketing so I know a lot of the tricks they use. But I still fall for it. Anything that sticks out, catches my eye, looks different, has a contemporary shape or sparkles practically screams my name. It’s tough walking through a drugstore sometimes because the prices generally aren’t bad. Cute bottles AND a coupon and I barely even know what I’m buying before I get to the register.
I have to consciously stop myself and actually read the package, think about how I could use a product or why I need it and then decide if it fits in my budget. My general rule (and I’m pretty good at sticking to it) is that if I’m not sure, I leave. If I think about it more than a few times over the next few days, or find a coupon, or run out of something similar I can go back and buy it. If none of those things happen, then it wasn’t the product I wanted or needed, it was the flashy packaging that almost stole money from my wallet.
I’ve had some pretty good success with that method. I use it for clothes, shoes and accessories, too. Sure, I end up taking multiple trips to stores sometimes, but I have probably saved myself a bunch of cash in the last few years. Plus, it’s more satisfying to obtain something you really know you want!
This week I’m starting another product line with multiple steps. I won’t give myself away too much, but expect a few weeks of satisfied customer! I’ve been using Giovanni’s D:tox System purifying facial cleanser! What a looker this bottle was! Sleek, curved, simple and charcoal gray, not a color you see a lot in a drugstore aisle. I was drawn to it immediately. Then I read it was an “eco-friendly chic” product and right on the bottle was the iconic pink breast cancer ribbon. I learned that not only is this an eco-friendly line, almost all natural and no animal testing, but 5% of every purchase went to breast cancer research. I LOVE products that are good for me and good for other people, too!
Then I learned that the “eco-chic technology” this company uses blends charcoal (probably why it’s a gray shade), volcanic ash, acai and goji berry. What an exotic combination! The berries are chalk full of anti-oxidants and anti-aging elements that restore elasticity and encourage a youthful glow. I’m still not sure how charcoal and ash make me glow, but it does. It says the ash flushes pollutants and the charcoal extracts impurities. The those little berries jump in rejuvenate. Those are some hard working ingredients!
This facial soap smells exactly like a high class spa. It has that eucalyptus, spicy, clean smell that spas radiate and I immediately felt myself relax just by breathing it in.  It has a great lather, you don’t need to use too much, washes away clean and makes my skin feel smooth, clean and fresh. It even got rid of stubborn mascara. It says it moisturizes, which I think it does. The only reason I’m not sure about that is one of the other steps in the product line is a moisturizer I have been using too, and my skin feels great (more about that later) so I’m not sure if the soap actually moisturizes or if it’s the lotion…or maybe a combination of the two.
I really like this so far and my skin looks great after just a few days. I would never have guessed such an odd ingredient combination would do great things, but it does! What other ingredients are you surprised that work so well? Any other fans of the Giovanni D:Tox Purifying Facial Cleanser?

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