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skinvie2Meg here! Our wonderful Jeanasina did a review on Skin Vie Stress Realeasing and Smoothing Elixir and she loved it. A lot of Meg Heads love it. It’s so great to use a creme that relaxes you while it’s getting down to serious business? How serious? Well, there’s this….

  • Relaxing stress-related facial tensions and contractions such as frowning that can lead to the deepening of visible fine lines, facial anxiety and wrinkles.
  • Helping to increase the skin’s discomfort tolerance threshold and thus reduces the perception of skin sensitivity, irritation, cracks, dry patches and discomfort.
  • Normalizing cell matrix proteins (HAS-2, collagen V, perlecan) responsible for maintaining skin’s elasticity, firmness and smoothness that can be compromised during times of stress.
  • Promoting the normalization of cell proteins (HIF-1a) key to defending the skin from skin infections that may cause irritation.
  • Helps to normalize cell oxygen rate which leads to an improvement of skin’s rejuvenation, radiance and relaxation of the skin.

Eleni and I got to meet the creators of SkinVie and we were blown away with their sheer knowledge of all things skin. I think I got a “D” in chemistry so lost me on the first mention of “matrix proteins.”  These guys were no joke and their experience and brain power was a little bit intimidating. I asked head developer, Mukhtar, to answer a few questions for us about Skinvie.

I know it works and I know women are nuts for it! I just wanted to know exactly what led to this amazing discovery. We all know stress ages us! It makes perfect sense that relaxing the muscle relaxes the line. Natural botox? Sign me up!

Name and Hometown: Mukhtar Siddiqui, San Francisco

I initially began my career: I began working in the chemical industry and gradually worked my way in to area of my intent from the very beginning, personal care and cosmetics. Not only did I develop many skin and hair care products including Jhirmack and LaCoupe hair care products and Enfuselle skin care products but I also received various patents while developing these personal care products.

I started skinvie because I am very passionate about making women look and feel beautiful.

If you are passionate about something, you feel the need to make a difference; to bring some innovation that will benefit the end users: YOU. I started my product line with YOU in mind; for you to look and feel naturally beautiful. My goal is to provide you with completely healthy and valuable products that are based on the combination of nature, science, and technology so you can live the best of both worlds.

 My beauty philosophy is this…My philosophy is to apply science and technology to discover benefits that exist in nature. In developing a skin care product (i.e. anti-aging cream), the formulators address the external factors that accelerate the aging process such as the damages caused by exposure to sunlight (otherwise known as photo aging). Other factors are the damages caused by the passage of time called intrinsic aging.

Skinvie will help your skin like no other because…My product line addresses a most recurring, yet neglected issue: STRESS. In addition to photo-aging and intrinsic aging, stress is another factor that accelerates the aging process. Your skin will only become healthier from a skincare product if it is truly in a relaxed state.

I would say that Skinvie’s style influences are…Style influences vary across the board, but I would say my style is very new. I have taken an innovative approach consisting of nature’s elements complemented by science to have an ultimate long lasting effect. I get my influences from the immediate environment around me: Nature.

Thanks very much for helping us combat stress and aging! If you would like to read reviews for skinvie then click here!

Who else has used Skinvie and loves it as much as the other Meg Heads?


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