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cosmicflushMissRo here to tell you that Dr. Dima advises Megheads to beware that not all Mineral formulations are alike.

There are several brands on the market that are mineral focused. Bare Escentuals, La Bella Donna, Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals, just to name a few. To be honest, I have never been a big fan of Bare Escentuals, because everything in their line is loose powder. To travel with those products is a nightmare, but I know they have a loyal following. I actually used to work for La Bella Donna when I lived in New York. I liked their line much more, because only their foundation was loose, the rest of their line was normal, pressed powder formulations. I haven’t tried Jane Iredale nor Everyday Minerals, so can’t comment on them.

As you know, I have come to enjoy the Cosminology line very much. Most of my posts have been about their skincare line. I did write about their concealers, which are fabulous. So, now it’s time to talk about their GET A ROOM!™ Cosmic Face Flush™ “for that just ravished look”. Again, you have to love the names of their products!

Their unique formulation is all natural micronized minerals. It has natural healing properties and is SO gentle it can be used immediately post laser surgery and dermatological procedures. It’s great for sensitive and acne prone skin. It is Anti-Aging with potent anti-oxidants and SPF protection. A cheek flush that’s actually GOOD FOR YOUR SKIN!

Formulated with unique french clay and sericite, it provides a silky yet exceptional texture that allows skin to “breathe” while protecting it at the same time. It also allows for easy, natural blending. It’s very hard for this formulation not to look natural – like you just stepped out of the gym or sauna. It does not dry or irritate the skin, it mimics our skin’s natural oils and chemistry to provide superior adherence. The best part is that it is naturally pressed (not loose!) with jojoba esters, so great for travel because it’s not a messy loose formulation. The colors are so natural they can all be worn by any skin type or color depending on your mood or the lighting you’ll be in, no ashy undertones. Finally, it is paraben free, talc free, fragrance free, oil free, dye-free  non-comedogenic, bismuth oxychloride free (so no chalkiness or streaky pink color).

For a limited time, with your purchase of GET A ROOM! Cosmic Face Flush, you will receive a complimentary Cheekabuki!

Have you tried a mineral beauty line? If so, which one os your favorite and why?

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