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gerigmixerIf this isn’t the time of the year when that fine-quality known as “multi tasking” comes into play, I don’t know what it’s good for! Goddess Granny has her glitter-nail polished hands full these days and I know y’all do too so I’m very excited to be able to share something dare I say TOTALLY UNIQUE to the beauty/skin care/cosmetic world as I know it? I see you sighing and rolling those pretty eyes but hear me out: is there really very much at all “out there” that IS original and if so, is it good for you?

You’re gonna’ like this…

Nestled inside the plush offices of “Sunset Cosmetic Surgery” on yes, Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles’ hottest “strip” is a gorgeous esthetician/makeup artist/author named Geri Giagnorio aka “Geri G.” or “The Skin Trainer.” She has an incredibly impressive list of celebrity clients and offers some of THE most To Die For skin care treatments I’ve ever seen…her menu of services is just amazing in in terms of variety and focus!

Geri obviously knows her biz and her formulas and skin enhancing products are some of the most sought after in the world of beauty:she is not only skin-skilled but is the author of a book, “Eating for Better Skin: 10 Simple Steps” with another book due out in 2011 as well as her own line of cosmetics. She is one talented lady to watch and I’d absolutely LOVE to visit her offices! Her proven holistic yet modern-tech approach to the business of beautiful skin is not only refreshing,it’s ridiculously original in her products to date!

I have a list of wanna’ do’s all earmarked for my next visit to LA and a visit to Geri G has recently been added for sure!

The Geri G. Mixer kit is a multi-tasking, hard working, unbelievably practical yet modern way to not only make every single item in your cosmetic kit “better” but also a truly unique way to add vital nutrients and vitamins to your skin as opposed to depleting it in any way because you too love your makeup! I have spent the past three days “playing around” with this kit and it has changed the way I will use some of my favorite products forever!

The “kit” comes with a sleek pump-dispenser of “mixer” along with a REALLY cool  antimicrobial synthetic-bristled “M” brush, a nifty spatula for scraping powder or mixing! All you would need to play makeup artist including an instruction booklet and a DVD! Geri believes you shouldn’t complicate your beauty routine but rather that you can do more with less using this kit and she is right. The paraben-free non-comedogenic “mixer” is a revolutionary and original product that contains 21 natural botanical ingredients and that allows you to re-texture and better apply EVERY product you use no matter the brand, type or color and regardless of skin type or shade. This gorgeous product nourishes your skin with a “Namomarine-5” organic compound while you enjoy natural sunscreen protection and add water-resistant quality to every bit of your makeup!  I told you you’d like this: you can customize your colors with ease, use as a base, primer, and hydrator on every part of your face! Including lashes and brows, turn powder into concealer, loose shadows into long-wearing creams, and add incredible thickness to your lashes by layering between mascara applications! Did I mention you can even use the mixer to turn mascara INTO liner as well?

You can. Seriously, if it sounds pretty much like a genius-miracle beauty product it’s because it is. Unlike moisturizer which contains oils that actually break down your makeup, Geri’s mixer binds and enhances your cosmetics and enriches them into delicious skin care  products as well!

There are SO many ways to use and apply: pre-foundation, mixed with foundation, on top of foundation: it makes “touch ups” almost a thing of the past and makeup does NOT settle, get shiny, or break down! You can create any shade of blush, bronzer, shadow, or lippy by mixing this gem every which way you can dream of with your own stuff!  It’s the best and most beautiful way to “play” with your makeup I’ve ever experienced. Great packaging ,affordable, and about as complete as a product could ever want to be in it’s design and uses! I felt an immediate difference when I applied my foundation and seriously: I am currently down with a virus and I can’t believe how GOOD my skin looks after vanity made me put on at least the rough-basics this am! It gives a beautiful finish to every product I’ve used with it and I can’t wait to start using it with some of my much loved Urban Decay eyeshadows to see what I can create!
Never seen the likes of this product and a little goes a long way, I am SO glad I actually have two on hand because I’m not making faces without it anymore! It IS totally unique and I can say without a shadow of doubt, it will change the way you use makeup and allow you to become the artist you want to be without a TON of cash invested and piles of products!

Clean and chic site with LOTS of info on Geri G and the products and you can buy this “miracle mixer” she created here!

I’ve tried to find something, anything, that isn’t as good as you can imagine this product to be and the ONLY detail is that is has a bit of a scent at first which does dissipate. I tried to pin down what it smells like when applied and decided that it’s “like the sea…” An organic and ocean-watery scent most likely due to the amazing skin-feeding minerals and hydrating marine botanicals it’s packed full of so I’m down with that!

Finally a TRUE multi-tasking, creativity-inspiring product that not only works like a dream but is actually good for an enhances the appearance of your skin and makeup:wouldn’t you also LOVE a product that made every single cosmetic you own better no matter what?

It’s here so grab it and tell us how you’d love to “play with your makeup” in a whole new way thanks to Geri G!

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