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Goddess Granny here hoping your Summer is turning out to be your most beautiful ever!

I am sick to death of the sweltering Texas heat and am off to the equally sweltering but much more interesting city of Angels next week for a 10 day “bootcamp” of dancing and polework.”The Saint”, aka much-loved husband Mike says at least it keeps me out of the bars but little does he know,LOL!

Gonna’ open a huge can of worms here and hope I won’t lose y’all: trust me, I wallowed in a lot of muck trying to find
some clear facts that would help me write a review on this product as well as provide myself and y’all with some info you can use. Meg sent me a gorgeous teal blue and metallic bottle (slightly different packaging that the pic here) of a product named “Genome Anti-Aging/Anti Wrinkle Cream” along with a note that said “Try this and let me know via review if it works?” No problem! Yeah…right.

Let’s start with the ingredients: “CellCare Complex, our proprietary anti-wrinkle formula that contains our unique DNA repair enzyme, and potent anti-oxidants Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. Also includes skin saving UV-A and UV-B protectants and anti-oxidant Green Tea Extract.Has an SPF of 20. I tend to base my opinion of ” product effectiveness and worth” on the “active ingredients” in a product if at all possible and this was pretty vague.

Let’s also define the name/word “Genome”: “All of the genetic information, the entire genetic complement, all of the hereditary materialpossessed by an organism.Can be DNA or RNA. Deep…very deep.

Then I started to do a bit (well…actually a LOT) of research on the controversial, complex, and interesting subject of “human genomes and the possiblity of how they relate to anti-aging and skincare…” Whew! My lil’ red head was spinning and in the interest of space and y’all slapping me silly out of boredom, I’ll try to condense but feel free to chat amongst yourselves in the reviews.

A few of the claims of the company, apparently via informercial originally which seems to be defunct now as is the company website:

“You CAN reverse the damage to your skin with a product so powerful it’s technology has 13 patents. An anti-aging breakthrough so revolutionary it is 100% guaranteed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with one application. 100% guaranteed to make you look younger, without surgery or injections. If you need to reverse the damage to your skin, want immediate visible results and want to Stop-the-aging Clock you must try Genome Cosmetique. The worlds most advanced skincare is dermatologist approved and now available without a prescription. Look years younger. Guaranteed.
This age-defying product is so new and unique, you can’t buy it anywhere else. Find out why our customers call it a miracle cream.Powerful Bi active Cell Care Complex Proven and 100% guaranteed to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

Genome Cosmetique in Miami Beach , Florida , makes skin care products that it says contain DNA repair enzymes and technology straight from the sequencing of the human genome, Genome Cosmetique’s scientific director Daniel Davidson is unspecific about thecompany’s formulation. “Our ingredients are all part of our secret sauce and I’d rather not have that data published,” he says.

Pretty serious claims,right?

So,let’s crack this baby open and give her a whirl…WHEW!!! Can you say stinks??? Smelled like old school self-tanner and some of you will know what I mean,LOL! That purely nasty smell of rotten egg, burnt hair, and last year’s suntan lotion! God I hated smearing this on my face but I promised to sacrifice for the sake of beauty when I signed on…Nice texture though and went on smoothly.The smell however was still lingering 10 minutes later so I spritzed some scent into the air and walked under so husband wouldn’t boot me out of bed.

Was expecting all sorts horrible things to be seen on my face in the am as I tend to be very sensitive but amazingly, my skin was glowing and really seemed hydrated and smooth…gulp…guess I’d have to try it again.
After using for a week straight, I DID see a noticeable difference in the clarity and smoothness…it worked well. Really well.Am totally unsure as to “why” it seems very effective though.Not sure I’m a “believer” in the genome connection yet.

I tend to believe that the potential of human genome research to improve skin care and prevent aging is exciting: genes and environment are most likely the two most important factors in how we age/repair our skin overall.
However I also tend to also believe that while the buzz is being generated currently that the extraordinary claims relating to these products should and need to be backed by extraordinary proof and I could simply find little to none of it online. Almost nothing about the company, the ingredients, the results,or even where to purchase.Or about any other product based on genome-claimed ingredients that had any solid backing of proof and results based on solid evidence and described ingredients.

The only place that I could find a link to for purchase and very little info here as well (nice angelic music however!)

Genome Buy it Here!

I’d love to know if y’all think that these products which claim to be “genome-based skin care” are actually valid and available to the
average consumer or are they still a dream in a lab somewhere based on what is “out there” for proof?

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