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Meg here! It’s 4:45am and I am bringing you what I should have learned a long time ago…Bring flats in your computer case. Once, when I was younger, like really young, I heard Miss Tina Turner state “I never work out, I just wear heels.” Unfortunately that somehow got into my subconscious and you’ll never find me in flats. You’ll also never find me at the gym. There’s something to be said for early life lessons.

Tonight had me covering the best and brightest in fashion and there was so much to cover I was quite relieved to remember that was not my job! My job? What were the beautiful and fashion forward wearing on their faces? This is a job I can do!

Spring fashion took a reverse turn. If I have to hear about one more “smokey eye” tip I may do myself in. I mean, I would blend myself into the creases and add a shimmer to the brow before I ended it all-but still. Enough with the smokey eye! Thankfully, I spoke to Deb, the leade colorist for the show’s beauty line Korres. You know Korres, it’s natural and easy and you can find it at Sephora. Deb told me “It’s all about the lips and the brows.” Golf claps all around. We can concentrate on fresh, juicy and kissable pouts for spring. That’s sexy (and easy!) Bring out your natural pinks and subtle corals, this spring it’s all about the lippies. I swear buy their lip butters.

The eyes are not taking a total back stage and end scene. Oh no, you’re not totally off the hook. Korres was a Gen Art Show Sponsor and so was Revitalash. Do you know about Revitalash? The Duchess Kate Middleton does. In fact, Kate named it one of her “five things I can’t live without.” Take that Parliament. It makes your eyelashes look like they’ve been on steroids. I wear contacts and have had to trim my eyelashes from hitting my glasses when I OCD’ed on this. It’s awesome.

So you know you need juicy lips and fabulous brows this spring (Revitalash makes Revitabrow for those of you that went brow-anorexic.) Use it. They’ll grow in. What else do you need for Spring? Follow my guidline…

Tips For Not Only Covering But Following Fashion Week…

Wear High Heels, know by the end of the 6th hour your feet will scream for mercy. Also know you will be wearing your 6″ highest heels and still be the shortet girl in the room.

Flu Is Your Friend I’m totally kidding here, I had the flu before this show started. I was really sick. I probably lost 5 pounds, it doesn’t matter.  You’re sorrounded by amazon women and your Yorkie probably has more body fat.

Take This All In Stride these are looks your going to see in Vogue. You probably also saw a 16 year old in Vogue in a catsuit with butterfly netting in her hair. My guess is you’re not wearing that to the office or happy hour. Both good decisions.

Fashion Week is like Halloween it is. It totally is. It’s dress up and fantasy and fun for people that like to be creative in their dress and hope you like what costumes appear. We send someone down a runway with lips so bright you could land a spaceship on them, all the while thinking “I hope she’ll do a brighter fuschia this May.”

It’s really all pomp and circumstance but at the end of the day just fun. So take these tips as mere guidelines and have fun with them all.

The only person that really knows their own style is you!

How do you interpret the looks? Do you go by the trends or your own style?


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