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Stacy B here! If you follow the national weather, you may be wondering if I’m writing this review from my snow cave here in Boston. You are right! Well, kind of…my house is nice and warm and cozy, but we have some 7, 8 and even 9 foot piles outside after having cleared our driveway that I could easily crawl right into, carve out a nice snow seat and start typing. At least as long as my battery on my laptop lasts… My guess would be our final total was probably about 19-20 inches total. It was a big one. Complete with wind, snow drifts and even some really rare thunder and lightning (thundersnow…sounds like a sci-fi thing, doesn’t it?)
And before you can pull the whole “you’re crazy for living in an area known for producing some of the craziest winters around” let me tell you this. Yesterday was a blast. I loved it! I got a free day home with my son and husband, the snow looks so pretty all white, fresh and sparkly, I got a great workout shoveling, the hot chocolate warmed my belly and there’s nothing better than watching my two-year-old discover just how fun snow can really be. Watching him slide down the snow banks, giggling and laughing and seeing his little cheeks turn pink really brings me back to my childhood. I would play outside for hours! Sure, winters can be long, but there’s something great about a fresh blanket of snow and a greased up sled that makes me smile.
Not all winter activities are Normal Rockwell painting though. I know. The winter can be hard on our skin, hair and nails. The cold, dry air is brutal sometimes and it’s hard to keep up with the moisturizer. This week was especially tough so I tried something new. Garnier Fructise’s Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream  I need something that really soaks into my skin and not only heals, but protects from the harsh wind and weather.
The consistency of this gel-cream is a bit weird. It’s really right in between a gel and a cream. It’s a little liquid-y, like it’s either a really bad lotion, or a really thick serum. I was a bit put off by that. I wasn’t sure how much to use…did it pack a big punch like a serum so I should only use a tiny bit? Or should I be generous with it like a lotion and really rub it in? Since the product seems to be right in the middle, I used a middle amount. I put it on my face and it was really cool and rubbed in pretty quickly. I did feel a bit sticky and moist for a few minutes but it absorbed quickly.  I went to bed and dreamed of snowmen and snow flakes and skiing on fresh powder….
The next morning woke up and my face felt SO dry. Like it might crack! I was really disappointed that this didn’t seem to work on my delicate face skin. It seemed to sink in so quickly, but didn’t last very long at all. My skin was thirsty!
I never give up though…I tried it on other parts of me that change with the seasons, like my knees, elbows and the backs of my arms and legs. It worked a little better. I could smooth it on a bit more generously (which means this little tub won’t last that long) and wasn’t too worried if it didn’t soak in right away. Curiously, it left my other body parts pretty moisturized. I actually really like how my skin feels now. It just didn’t work on my face. But, face skin, arm skin and leg skin is all different. I’d never use the same product on my entire body because sometimes certain parts call for different products.
While this failed for my face, I actually liked it everywhere else. I’ll keep using this until the flowers poke through those huge snow piles and my skin gets back to normal!

Anyone LOVE Garnier?

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