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zuzubronzeSweetassgal here showing some serious love to Meg and the Meghead’s tonight.  Or should I say…this morning.  I’ve been completely engrossed in two tasks.  #1…completing my first ever department budget for the entire HR department of my company for 2011 (shudder) and #2…readying my guest room for the arrival of one of my best friends and her boys from Hawaii.  Both are consuming my life and looking up at the clock just now I realized it’s 12:20 Tuesday morning, I have a 9:00 budget deadline and I haven’t sent off my Megs.  I can either scurry off to bed or let you guys in on my daughters new Green Chi Tuesday’s approved favorite product.  Meg wins…and Gabriel’s Zuzu Luxe Mineral Bronzer is up for your consideration.
A little background on my daughter’s skin.  She is a glorious  mixture of Portuguese, French and Hispanic descent and she got the most interesting mix of just about all of them.  Of course I’m biased because I’m her Sweetassmama but between her Father’s Portuguese complexion and her Mother’s Hispanic dark features she’s pretty much a knock out.  Her challenge has been her fair skin against such dark features that tend to wash out and go ghostly white in pictures (especially with flash)…especially if she doesn’t have the right combination of powder/blush/highlight blend.  She’s a fan of Bare Minerals and its taken her years to get the right mixture of product to compliment and not overpower her.  Now that she’s in college money is getting tighter and tighter and extra money for product is going to be harder to come by.  Enter Meg and Mama to save the day this weekend.  I had just received Gabriel’s Zuzu Luxe Mineral Bronzer and she’s the perfect test subject to try it out.
As many of you know I’m a big fan of Gabriel’s line…both basic and Luxe.  I first reviewed it almost two years ago and I still love everything about this incredible eco-friendly, super responsible and actually EFFECTIVE offering of green products.  So I won’t go over and over their merits again.  Just trust me when I say TRY THEM!  I have yet to be disappointed.  As far as my daughter is concerned…she burst right into my room on Saturday to tell me how much she LOVES IT!  A little more background on Sweetassgirl…she’s extremely picky.  Sometimes almost to the point of annoyance.  She notices EVERYTHING which is why she’s such an incredible artist but it can be a little annoying when I change even one ingredient in a recipe and she turns her nose up at it!  
The first thing she mentioned was how smooth the application was and I agree…the bronzer gave her a glow without making her look made up.  She also loved how it doubled as the perfect shade of blush giving her skin much needed accentuation, but also highlighted her main attributes with a softness and warm glow.  She looked radiant and I wasn’t the only one who thought so.  She left for a party that Saturday night and was besieged with compliments about how pretty she looked that night.  She doesn’t often go full makeup and so that night was a special occasion and it didn’t go unnoticed.  I think the perfect blendability and compliment of the Gabriel Luxe Mineral Bronzer was just the ticket.
I urge you, check out this line if you are looking for organic and eco-friendly makeup.  I can understand that this is more pricier than the drugstore brands…less pricey than department store.  However, with everything I’ve tried from the Gabriel line I always find it effective, LONG LASTING and more than worthy of the cost.  It’s just a stellar line and I’m always happy to get anything either from Meg or through my own private purchase from the food folks at Gabriel’s Cosmetics.  That said I believe it’s time to sign off and stop staring at my computer screen.  Considering the fact that I logged on at 8:15 a.m. this Monday morning…and am now signing off over 16 hours later…I think I’ve earned it!  So to sum things up…I love Meg’s and I love Gabriel’s Cosmetics.  I think that was worth a few hours of sleep.  GLAM ON!!!!!

What bronzer do you love? Who else has tried Gabriel Cosmetics?

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