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kerstinflorian“You want to see what just came out of your face? I knew you would want to. ALL women want to see!” Said Dallas, aesthetician to the stars, located at The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, California.

here! I was lucky enough to brezee through high school with nary a blemish or any dreaded acne. I am truly blessed. So blessed that the powers-that-be decided to hit me with problematic skin that reared it’s head (white AND black) into full gear starting once I turned 30.

Lucky me.

Yes, while I do have those clogged pores from time to time they’re easy enough to remedy with a good scrub and cleanser and the occasional zit zapper. I am also not above the at home extraction. You should be though! Don’t pick your face! I am mush better at giving advice than following my own.

It’s these new white, hard milias that are the bane of my existence. Do you know about these? Take a look here if you don’t know what I’m talking about. They’re impossible to get out yourself. Trust me, don’t try it. You’ll end up butchering your face and they’re not coming out. You need to see a professional.

It is holiday season and I have a bunch of parties to attend and surprise! I will be traveling. I threw in the towel (literally) and decided to call on the big guns.

I called The Four Seasons in Beverly Hills because I had heard about their Kerstin Florian Correcting Facial. I was told I would be fresh-faced and milia free and to be sure to ask for Dallas. I needed a clean slate, someone that would get in there and get aggressive!

I went to the right lady.

“I don’t like to really waste a lot of time rubbing arms and hands and things. I have a medical background, your time is much better spent with me getting in there and extracting that junk out!”
Dallas had no sooner finished her sentence before she started to lather me up with Kirstin Florian’s Foaming Cleanser. The woman could feel bumps under my skin before they even had a chance to surface and was set in stopping any offender dead in its tracks or my pores.

She started me off with a quick glycolic peel that instantly ate away at all the dead skin cells. It tingled and I knew it was working. I could feel all the crud coming off.

“You’re pores are so clogged! Don’t feel bad, it’s hormones. You’re going to feel like a new woman after this!”
Dallas went to work extracting. She had a lot of extracting to do on me. Was it comfortable? No. Did it hurt like Hell? No. It was quick and with her tools she got to work. Dallas was even able to effortlessly remove a milia from my delicate eye area.

One of the wonderful things about Dallas is she gets all this disgusting stuff off your face and with the precision of a surgeon she does not leave a mark. While I was getting squeezed within an inch of my life I was thinking “Yikes, I have a dinner tonight. I hope I don’t look like I’ve been through the war.”

The next masque that was put on my face was the coolest treatment I have ever had before in my life!
I stand by that statement times a million. Unfortunately, you cannot buy this. It is for professional use only but I was so intrigued.

This Kerstin Florian masque was ice cold and was applied to my face with a brush. It was so cold I felt like I had drank a huge slurpee because it initially gave me a brain freeze. It is Kerstin Florian’s Chitosan Masque. The cooling does subside and then it turns to an alignate peel and it just pulls off totally solid. If there were any redness from my extractions at all, this masque would make it impossible to tell.

I was told a story of a groom that was getting married in the evening. He decided to spend the day by the pool. A snooze later, he woke up to a lobster red burn. Not a good wedding look. Everyone completely freaked out until he had Kerstin Florian’s Chitosan Masque treatment done. He was back in the saddle and no one was the wiser that only hours before he looked well-done! Now, how amazing this that?

As my facial was finishing, Dallas applied Kerstin Florian’s Serum C+ Infusion. I was so excited about this product. If anyone of you don’t know, I am obsessed with Vitamin C products for my skin. I really feel as though Vitamin C is really one of the only things I’ve ever found to brighten me up and make a difference. I was am so happy that this is chock full of it!

I had a new face when I looked in the mirror! The grey overcast tone I had been walking around with had been lifted. My face felt as soft as a baby’s behind. It was all pink and glowing and healthy. I literally felt physically better, like somehow freeing all those clogged pores freed me up as well. It almost felt like I had lost weight! I asked Dallas how this was possible!

“I am the very best in the world! So are the Kerstin Florian products. They are really unbelievable. There is a reason we use them here.”

I guess she has a point. I saw more than a few A-Listers headed to the spa. Just that day I saw Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges in the lobby. I mean, if its good enough for their extremely picky clientele….

I had to protect my new skin! Before I left Dallas applied Kerstin Florian’s Multi-Vitamin Day Creme with SPF 30. More vitamins for my face and sunscreen.

If you are in the Los Angeles area and want to have new skin. I can’t say enough about treating yourself to the Kirsten Florian Corrective Facial. Leave your husband, grab 4 girlfriends, book a room, sip cocktails by the pool and go get your new face on for 2011!

If you’re not in the Los Angeles area but want to experience the wonder I did then here is a secret treat!!

You can use at home for yourself the same Kerstin Florian products that are used on Hollywood’s most A-List at home AND FOR A DEAL!!

I am loving the Serum so much (yes, of course I now am obsessed with the line that was used on me!)

This brand only goes on secret sale once a year so act fast! Promotion code is DEC10 for 20% off. Now there is no excuse for you to not have a gorgeous complection for the New Year! New Year! New You!!

Any other facial lovers? Have any of you tried the magic of Kerstin Florian?

Check it out here!

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