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Sweetassgal thinking back to the time when I first realized I was different. We all have our idiosyncrasies, I know, but I’m talking about when it finally hit me that I just didn’t like being and looking like everyone else. I think it all started with my refusal to wear blue jeans in High School. At the time the style was VERY tight and acid wash was still hanging around and I just didn’t feel it so I ditched my denim and didn’t break it back out until college when both styles (and my uptight self) relaxed. I also completely blew off the big curly hair with bangs by my senior year and headed to school the first day that year with pin straight locks amidst a sea of Aussie poofed hair. I didn’t care… I was tired of looking like everyone else.
Finding it the norm for me to buck trends I must admit there is an entire beauty movement I’ve let pass right by! The mineral trend. I know, I know…who HASN’T fallen in love with mineral makeup yet? Me… that’s who. As I’ve mentioned numerous times I have Rosacea and a naturally red tone to my skin and the few times I tried to get on the bandwagon the overly shiny and glittery look of mineral makeup just amplified my redness. This was increased tenfold when I tried to add any bronzer to the look for a “healthy” glow. What’s healthy looking about having people ask you how long you fell asleep in the sun? Did I mention anger and embarrassment only heighten my red face? Um yeah… that’s attractive! I look like the little red bulbed thermometer in old cartoons that screams and explodes when the temperatures hit boiling points.
So considering the fact that I’m so anti-mineral as well as anti-bronzer I’m completely thrown off by the fact that I was tempted and intrigued when it came to a line called Ferro Cosmetics. Maybe it was the slick little advertisement that boasted pure and green products or maybe it was just the fact that her tag line was to “Get Your Fabulous On”… not too far from my “Glam On!” call to arms each week. Nonetheless I opted to give Krissy Ferro a chance. 
The thing I loved immediately about her work is that she’s looking to blend nature with glamor and doing so in a way that is healthy and beneficial to the skin leaving a weightless and flawless finish. This is accomplished through a variety of colors and sheens and even a matte compliment for us “red skins” (and I don’t mean the baseball team) to help tone things down and are free of irritants like bismuth and talc. It’s all about glamming it up without being Snookie overdone and yet taking the boring out of going natural. I love this mid level concept and I typically tend to really do up my eyes but I like the rest of my makeup to be fairly basic and natural looking. I’m on board for the concept but how does it work.
Taking the ultimate leap of faith I started off with Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Bronzer in Glow Winter Kiss.  Upon tearing into the pot and removing the little sealing sticker I noticed that this does have a lovely sheen to it but no heavy crystals that will sit on my skin like beacons of super shiny light.  Second thing I noticed… this was not the typical overly brown or WAY to orangey colored bronzer that I was used to. It has a lovely soft and diffusing shade that is just a tad peachy which reminded me of the almost universally appealing Tarte Cheek stain I reviewed last year. I did the standard swirl, tap, tap and applied to my face and forearms and went about my day to see what I thought.
Why my forearms you may ask?  Because I have a lot of red spotted pigment on them and I’m too busy to be whipping out a mirror every five minutes. This way I could obsess on the status of the staying power and still get thorough my day. By end of day I was impressed with the way it held to my skin (both face and arms) and didn’t slide away into a greasy crease somewhere. I must say that this really is a “glow” look and I almost think it’s misleading to call it a bronzer. It even states on the website that you can “free yourself from the St. Tropez bronzed goddess look” by utilizing these seasonally inspired tones.  I agree.  I like the pretty sheen that isn’t overly glittered and it does extra duty as blush, eye shadow, lip tint and of course body shimmer!  If I waxed my arms I’d shimmer them every day!
The website allows you to shop by look which I always love because sometimes I just get downright lazy and want to be told what works with what so I can move on with it.  Basic Beauty intrigues me for weekends at home when I don’t feel like being all dolled up and Fierce Fashionista goes without saying because who doesn’t need a little of that on a Saturday night.  Or hell…for a Tuesday night out to watch the Celtics beat the Lakers!  Ooops… sorry. Let that slip. Anyway, whichever look you chose to play up Krissy Ferro has you covered but not TOO covered if you get my drift.  With over 15 years as a makeup artist in the beauty industry she really concentrates on empowering women to mirror their outer beauty to match their inner beauty.  If this is the case my inner beauty is that of a glowing but not shiny Gwen Stefani!  Does she know that?  Don’t think so!
Have you been burnt by bronzers before and were afraid to give them a shot? Ferro is worth checking out in my opinion however I’d like to hear from our mineral mavens and bronzing beauties that have a greater level of comparison. I, for one…will NOT be regifting this bronze to fellow Meghead giggellee! Sorry friend. I’m keeping it! 

Have you ladies tried any mineral bronzers?
What do you think?

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