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“I keep on fallin’ in and out of love with you…I never loved somebody the way that I do you”

Goddess Granny lovin’ on Alicia Keyes lyrics AND the fact that in spite of the un-relenting heat here in “Welcome to Hell” Texas, I am starting to see glimpses in magazines and around shady-corners of what’s to emerge once FALL begins to cooly emerge in all it’s glory!

I adore Autumn, it’s my favorite season and everything about it makes me happy! I grew up in the land of pumpkins, cornstalks, and apples and even after 25+ years in the South, I CRAVE this time of the year like no other!

It’s like the Goddess of Nature herself paints the earth with the shades that flatter me the most and the lighting that happens when the skies turn murky casts a spell of gorgeous on me that really bewitches…soft-focus anyone?

Forget Spring: I “come alive” the most when things begin to fade away into their deeper resting places…

I love to morph: to re-invent, to channel, and to create a “new me” by the use of makeup and fashion that usually ends up reflecting my mood and personality changes better than a Magic 8 Ball ever could! I can “become” almost anyone I choose by using myself as a canvas and as a result,morph a bit into that which inspires me right at that minute,sometimes right down to minute personality changes as well: it’s amazing how one can TRULY become a seductress when deep winey-red lipstick is smoothed on even if the sun is brightly shining! 🙂

I’m weary of all the “gloom n doom” in our lives lately and am determined to have some FUN with my looks in the months ahead…

I am over the moon about the “colors” deemed by those who determine the trends this Fall and in spite of the fact that sundresses will be a staple for a couple more months around here, I am gearing up and getting ready to yet again put on a new game-face and change it All up a bit!

I am dying to tap into my inner Joan Jett, to seduce like my fav vamps on HBO’s “True Blood”, and to simply let go of the last sparkling rays of Summer (that burn my pasty-self anyways…) and step a suede-booted toe into the darker-side of glam! I know many love the tanned and fresh look of the all American girl but I for one have always preferred the more dramatic and Fall 09′ promises to give me everything one who prefers life in the shadows craves!

Coco Chanel (God I love this woman and her quotes!) said that in order to be genuinely stylish,one must ALWAYS dress one season ahead of the crowd and I’m already standing at that velvet rope of style this year: I have heard the whisperings about purples in all shades, bronzes fit for a Roman lady of rank, golds that would tempt Midas himself, and those deep shades of mustardy-yellow that may look ghastly in the compact but create the glow of fluttering aspen leaves when brushed on a smooth eyelid…deep smokey eyes still prevail combined with lips stained with current and magenta-pinks that melt into the skin creating the blush of a fallen-angel have me at first glimpse!

I’m thinking I shall deepen the red in my hair to the color of a high-bred cocker spaniel and turn to those purples in all their glory on my eyes, lots of deepest grey and black for accent,along with smudges of mustard and bronze for sparkle…only the faintest promise of beige for my cheeks and then either I shall perhaps actually FIND the “perfect nude” I covet for my daytime-lips but then pull out all the stops at night with either magenta or deep-berry lips combined with perhaps Urban Decay’s “Ink for Eyes” in purple? DEEP shades of purple and crimson on my nails of course!

I am looking at boots: high suede ones to be worn with either jeans and black tops or murky-floral dresses and dark tights…touches of black leather for SURE and maybe even a few tasteful rocker-girl chains…I’m loving the look of “Guess” for Fall as well as the affordability compared to many.

I want to be Laura Croft going to the mall on a good day and not even a little bit innocent this Fall: I want to maybe one more time in my life be just a bit of a “Bad Girl” because the fashion and colors allow it and because I think I’m ready to throw it out there just for shits and grins! I have been a bit complacent for a while,secure in my easy-attitude and style but no more: I wanna’ BE that girl that makes men weak in the knees and the one who woman gape at with a mix of disgust and admiration and have decided that there’s no time like the season ahead! I am overdue and need to amp it up before the white-eyelet rolls around yet again! Kiss

I want to seduce the season to the max and celebrate the golds of sultry-afternoon light and the shadows of purple wisps of smoke…Fall defines me like no other and this year, I WILL pay attention to the magazines and fashion-pages and do it justice! My husband has been warned. 🙂
He’s used to me in either workout gear or cargo-pants and tees so he has NO idea what’s about to slam him in the face Cool

So talk to me: what is YOUR favorite season and how does it inspire and affect how you look and feel? Do you crave the changes in fashion or do you simply do what works best without any consideration for the calendar?

Have you also been planning a “new look” and if so,please share your plans!!! Let’s help each other navigate all that’s ahead and help each other plot and plan for one helluva’ rockin’ Fall look!

 I am in LOVE with the Nars Fall 09′ makeup collection,it defines all that I want…so far at least.Their colors and products are ALWAYS on point and the quality is amazing!

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