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exuberance1I’m trying to remember the last time I spent an entire day without makeup on. Goddess Granny simply can’t remember the last time I didn’t wear something, even if it was around the house or to run to the dreaded “Not So Little Shop Of Horrors” aka Walmart. I dummy-down to go there because it seems like every single dweeb, pervert,and freak of nature in Texas can smell it when I walk into the place (no matter the location!) and immediately begin to follow me through the aisles or to try and chat me up over the bags of onions.

Usually I go in workout clothes on my way to actually workout or jeans and a ratty black tee with huge sunglasses and no lipgloss: God forbid they think I’m trying to be seductive? I do however have enough vanity to at least spare the world my more visible flaws and try to cover them up. I LOVE my “face” and wearing makeup to me is one of THE great joys that being a girly-girl allows! I’m damn good at applying my own makeup and even better at doing it for someone else…false eyelashes are effortless when you can actually see where they are going-HA!

One of the biggest bugaboos of recent product-years for me has been the fact that no matter how or by who they’re made, most makeup primers wreck havoc with my fragile (okay…truly annoying and just plain ornery!) I’ve tried dozens with great results the first couple of days before the red bumps and itching or blotching starts…My derma-doc says the silicone-based ingredients are the culprit although some say “it’s not possible” and that silicone can actually be good for the skin, helping it to heal while smoothing.

My skin apparently despises anything with silicone in it although I try to fake it because some of the primers out there are SO amazing! I lose in the long run every time though…

I am not very “green” and LOVE that our sweetassgal covers that area of beauty SO  fabulously well but this product recently rolled into my life and I just have to share as a recent convert to the green-side :created by a LOVELY company called “Exuberance” that has such a clean and joyful way of presenting their delightfully-crafted line of products that I find myself feeling calmer just visiting their lovely site! “Cutting edge, result-driven, certified organic ingredients…” “Helping to remind women of the brilliance within and helping them to celebrate it through beauty” Not just nice words because this company means business in a big way! I love their philosophy, their ingredients, and the way that they have managed to define “holistic and pure.” They do it without making it sound like yet another brand without preservatives! Elegant and easy and if this product is any example of how effective their products are, I just might become a LOT more green! MANY beauty editors are giving “Exuberance” HUGE props for quality and because they are really, really, good products!

“Silicone Free Makeup Primer”
is my new BFF: I hate that term but not sure what else to call something I LOVE to slather on my face everyday? “Helichrysum” and “natural DMAE (aka “facelift in a jar) lift and tone the skin when applied and leaves behind THE most perfect canvas for my foundation of choice (MUFE HD Foundation in 120) that I could ever imagine and without ANY sort of irritation, breakout or bump to make me miserable! Pure and gorgeous ingredients in a clinical-looking glass vial prove they take this seriously, no frills needed because this truly is the best primer I’ve ever tried…fade back to the several dozen I have loved and left behind over the past couple of years! You only need to allow a dime-sized drop on clean skin, let it dry and marvel and how firm, smooth and dare I say powerless your skin looks?

I feel like it’s all I need somedays and I’ve NEVER thought that before! It really has made a difference in the way my makeup holds and wears and I notice that there’s no more “settling” several hours later either! Scentless and clean feeling, no stickiness or “drag” when applied. It’s just amazing and I’d go as far to say it’s a contender for my “Best Product of 2010!”

VERY intelligent and classy website with lots of info, great reviews of the products and several ways to evaluate which products might be the best choices for your skin! Extraordinary product line-up and super high quality no frills packaging without the sometimes mega-price point some “organic” brands that might rival “Exuberance” have! When you use nothing that is “filler” or “cosmetic grade” but only the best possible stuff, it simply costs more and without all those preservatives and artificial gunk and you have to create smaller batches to insure the consistency…

Green IS my very favorite color these days because of my “Silicone Free Makeup Primer” and I’m going to try several other items (Tangerine and Maple skin tonic?:) because they just sound SO almost edible: I know they’ll be great for my skin!

Be sure to check out the “Exuberance Diaries”: some really fun reading and a cool contest coming up!

Are you a dive out the door with a  bare-nekkid face girl or do you also usually cover up or do a glam-puss even if no one will notice? Do you find primer makes a difference silicones or not? This one sure does for me and I can now be a cone-free Green Goddess as well!

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