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Meg here! Welcome to our Inaugural Gorgeous Kitchen Recipes! You may have watched our video and thought. What? That’s the big recipe? Squirt, drop, mix and done? Also, this D.I.Y stuff is expensive! I’ve spent like $40 big ones on those ingredients. What are you trying to pull O’Brien?!

My response? I know, right?

Here’s my defense-stick with me here…You’re going to have those essential oil bottles for a year. You’re not going to have to run out and refill for a very long time. Secondly, I’m putting the benefits and what else you can use them for. My last point is this-we are growing together. Sure some of you are master chefs. Some of use never got an Easy Bake Oven, each week our recipes are going to get a little bit more involved. Think of us as Coco before Chanel. Kiss

That recipe was really soothing on my chapped skin. I felt refreshed when I used it and I even put it on my hands (like a paraffin treatment-except without the paraffin.)

Thanks for Cindsoo who was just minding her own business in her room The next thing she knows she’s dressed like Little Bo Peep while I brush gel on her face. Boy do I owe her.

Here’s what our main ingredients are used for a lot and why they’ll be making a bunch of appearances in our GKR (GKR? Because we’re cool like that.)

Aloe Vera Gel: Like you ladies don’t know these-Cures sunburns, rashes, eczema, athletes foot and prevents scarring of stretch marks. Cleopatra used to rub her body down with it. Look at that-after 2,000 years we are still talking about that sexy goddesses routine. Good enough for her, good enough for me. Side note-there is also a rumor she drank turpentine to make her urine smell like violets. We’ll wait for month 4 before we start incorporating the turpentine.

Lavender Vera Oil Drops:
Helps with Insomnia, depression and acne. Add it to your bath, add it to your skin, add it to your pillow. Just don’t add it to your tummy. Not meant to be digested. I mean, not as much as turpentine. Surprised

Rose Otto Drops: (ours was mixed with Jojoba oil to keep the price reasonable and also that’s all I could find at Whole Foods.) Helps with frigidity, impotence and sluggish libido *Hello Valentine’s Day*. For the skin it has healing and relaxing properties.

Geranium Drops: Reduce the appearance of cellulite? Yup, that’s what I’m reading. It also tones the skin, helps with PMS and reduces stress. You can also use it on your hair. Careful if you’re pregnant with Geranium Drops (and all essential oils) this one if used in extreme excess can cause miscarriage.

In Case you want to write the recipe down!
1/4 Cup of Aloe Vera Gel
Add 3 drops of Rose Otto
2 drops of lavender vera
2 drops of geranium

Combine all of the ingredients in a small bowl. Stir it up pretty well! Apply to with fingers or a foundation brush clean skin. Leave it on 5-15 minutes and wash off with a warm cloth and and voila! Essential Oils Hydration at work!

So what do you think? Did you try the mask? How’d you do? Would it have been way better for you if Eleni was in your kitchen opening you pink champagne?

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