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essenceStacy B here! It’s a rare woman that only has one of everything. As close as something might seem to another, there are always enough of a difference to warrent that second item (or third, or fourth!). Take jeans for example. Who only has one pair of jeans? Not me! Sure, they’re all demin, have pockets, some sort of zipper/button closure, two legs and a waist band, but one standard pair of jeans is just not good enough for every situation! You need long lengths for higher heels, skinny cut for under knee high boots, boot cut for a night out, straight leg for office ‘casual’ days, dark wash to dress it up, an old pair that you just can’t get rid of, and a pair that tells you when you might need to back away from the chocolate.
It’s the same with shoes…they all cover your feet, keep you warm in cold weather and protect the soles of our feet from the road but would you go through life with only one pair of shoes?? No! You need flats, boots, office heels, sandals, strappy heels, rounded toes, pointy toes, sneakers, slippers and flip flops! Even non-fashion items can be grouped in this category. One curtain might look great in the living room of my new house, but won’t match my dining room! Functionally, they keep out the light and nosy neighbors, but you still want them to look cute! What about food? An apple is an apple, right? Nope, there are Red Delicious (my fave!), MacIntosh, Macouns, sweet ones, sour ones, big ones, apples for baking, eating and making into apple crisp!
Why should makeup be any different? Who here uses one eye shadow for day and one for a night out? Or, one blush for the office and a sparkly bronzer for the bar? I’m sure we all do. One color every single day would be pretty boring! Variety is the spice of life, we all know that!
This week I’ve been using a new mascara from Essence. It’s called Essence Stays On and I’ve been using the black color. It’s a pretty good product…for day. I like how it goes on, it’s smooth, not clumpy and the brush is great. It has the thicker plastic bristles that really separate your lashes and allow them to spread out and perk up. I didn’t notice much flaking after a whole day of use, and with some light soap and water it came right off.
The price can’t be beat ($3.99 and up depending on your location) so it definitely qualifies as a great drugstore deal. It’s advertised as ‘smudge and smearproof” and I totally agree. This was not a messy application at all.
So why all the talk about multiple items that seem to have the same function?
This mascara was a great daytime/work mascara. Or, running errands on the weekend. It screamed “no-I-always-look-this-great-and-I’m-certainly-not-wearing-any-makeup-this-early-on-a-saturday-morning”. But…it didn’t scream ‘it’s-Saturday-night-and-I’m-one-hot-mama!’ There was nothing I disliked about this product, it just didn’t do what I needed it to do for a night out. The mascara didn’t quite thicken up my lashes as much as I would like for a social weekend so I went back to my tried and true Maybeline Lash Blast for the night. But, it was great for the office, or every day wear. Just like those jeans you wear to the grocery store wouldn’t be a good fit for drinks after work. Nothing is wrong with either pair, they just have their own job.
The Essence Mascara’s job was to brighten my eyes up a little so I look respectable at my job and my manager doesn’t come in asking why I look like I haven’t slept in a week. And it worked! I actually had a co-worker ask me how I managed to look put together while working two jobs, moving into my house and running around after an almost 2-year-old.
Easy, I chose the right makeup for the job. What drugstore mascara do you swear by?

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