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noxemapadsStacyB here!  “Buy one get one free”…If you are like me, that phrase sends a rush of shopper’s adrenaline through my veins and my eyes and ears perk right up. That’s what I love drugstore deals, ‘buy one get one free’ is not all that rare in the drugstore world! Since I can’t give you all ‘buy one get one free’ coupons, I’ll do the best I can. I’ll review one awesome product, and you get a second review free! I know, I’m a nice lady.
This weekend I had a wedding to go to, one of those rare Mom and Dad night outs where the kid runs around like a maniac at Grammy and Grampa’s house (most likely being chased by Grampa until they both are so worn out they are asleep by 7:30 pm.) I had my confidence-boosting LBD, fun shoes, chunky accessories, a fab clutch and I was ready to go. What goes perfectly with all those things? A smokey eye of course! I got a cute little eye shadow set from Essence called “So What” lt was a smokey gray shadow with a deep charcoal cream shadow. I used a sharp eye liner to line my eyes, then smudged the cream shadow above the liner along the base of my lids and then smoothed it all out with the smokey gray. Fabulous! I highlighted with a bit of silver, curled my lashes, added some volumizing mascara and I was out the door.
The Essence shadows both regular and cream when on so smoothly. The pigment was surprisingly dark, I had to be careful because I loaded too much on the brush at one time (not knowing if the pigment would be dark enough) and had to grab a tissue to smooth away some of the bits of shadow that fell below my eyes. It definitely carries a punch!

The wedding was a beautiful seaside outdoor wedding just north of Boston and you all know what breezy, slightly humid, ocean air can do to hair and makeup! I won’t talk about my hair, that’s another beast to discuss, but my makeup stayed put. After the outdoor cocktail hour, I hit the restroom before dinner and was still staring at a smokey eye. No need for touch ups at all! My husband and I toasted, ate and danced the night away with 150 of our closest friends.
When I got home, my eye makeup was still surprisingly in tact. Not perfect, but not dripping down my face, or faded and old like it could have been. After being incredibly pleased with Essence, I had a ‘if it stayed on so well, how the heck am I going to get it off??” moment.
Which brings me to my second product….Noxema Clean Moisture Makeup Removing Pads! You know how certain scents can envoke powerful memories? Like chocolate chip cookies, fresh oranges, or peppermint? I’m sure you all have memories popping up right now associated with those types of scents. Noxema has such a distinct scent that it immediately brings me back to being 12 years old, and just starting to realize my face was doing weird things. My Mom came home one day with a tub of Noxema and I felt so mature and important. I needed grown up lady face stuff now! Every time I smell Noxema, I am instantly transported back to the moment I realized I was starting to really grow up. And many years later, this stuff still works.
These pads took my makeup off really well, and weren’t irritating. I have sensitive eyes, so they did water a bit, but I think that was more the smell than the actual product. Just a few swipes and I was looking at a formerly white cloth with my face on it. Seriously, it swiped off all my makeup and it almost looked like 2 eyes, lips and cheeks! I did rinse my face with cool water after because it felt like there was some oily residue, but it washed away quickly and cleanly. It got rid of waterproof mascara in about 3 tries, too! Impressive.  No traces of makeup and my skin felt resfreshed, clear and alive…almost like a 12-year-old’s skin again…

Who has tried Essence and is back on board with Noxzema?

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