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essence1Stacy B here! It’s the holidays! Officially! Not two weeks ago when the radio stations started playing Christmas music, not a month ago when retail stores forgot about poor old Halloween and burst into a Christmas frenzy two months early, but now! Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s December, Christmas lights are out, Hannukah started, and there’s rumors of some early snow falls this weekend. It’s officially the holidays. The one month where the cold is actually fun, and the snow is the perfect free holiday decor and you can sneak out of work a little early here and there without your manager caring. Because let’s be honest, they’re probably doing the same thing.
Not only to we get to decorate our homes with lights, ornaments and sparkly things, but we get to let our inner glitter fly at fun holiday parties, work get togethers, family gatherings and tree lightings. I love getting glitzed up at holiday time! It’s such a great excuse to try new make up and maybe go a little bolder that normal. Afraid of red lipstick, you can rock it during the holidays! Smokey eyes too much for you? Not on New Year’s Eve! Glitter makes you feel like a teenager? Not this month! Shine it up ladies, it’s the perfect time.
I have had a few products from Essence that I’ve held on to for a few months just for this post. They are shiny, glittery, festive and fun. I’m not sure if I can recommend wearing them all at once, but each one adds a little sparkle to your face.
The first is a really fun lip gloss, “Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss” in Glamour to Go. Glamour to Go? You bet! Stick this baby in my bag and I’m work-to-party in the car on the way to the bar. (OK, I know you all know I have a 2-year-old so that only happens once in awhile…). This shimmery stick had the magic words on it: ultra glossy, moisturizing and non-sticky. And I give it a 3 for 3. The best part about it, is the spongy applicator is extra long so it’s easier to put on. It comes on kind of thick though, so be careful. The peachy-gold color is perfect over a matte lipstick, or on it’s own, but don’t overdo it. You don’t need to! It stays on, isn’t drying and didn’t feel sticky at all. The perfect holiday gloss.  
Next, our most expressive attributes. The eyes. I love Essence eye shadows, especially those labeled ‘sparkling effect’. Nothing says holiday makeup like the words ‘sparkling effect’. I got myself some silver shadow in ‘starlight’. This is REALLY silver in the package so I was very light on the application. Go heavy. Really. It’s very translucent and doesn’t come out like a thick silver, it’s more of a light, shimmery white-ish silver…well, like starlight. It took 3 or 4 swipes to cover my eyelids, but matched with a black eye liner and a swipe of charcoal on the crease of my eye lids and it was perfect. It was even light enough to double as a brow bone highlighter. I could apply it all the way up to my eyebrows for a slight shimmer without the color being too thick. It’s not at all smokey, but sparkly and fun. I am loving this for every holiday party I get to go to. Even if it’s a my son’s daycare. Nothing says “I love my kid” like a perfectly applied shadow.
And last but certainly not least in my list of seasonal fun…glitter eye liner!! Really! Before I lose you all, it’s subtle enough for all ages. I promise. It’s Essence Crystal Eyeliner in “dazzling silver”. I swear, just a swipe and I can’t help but smile and twirl around in my dress (or jeans…it could be the daycare party I’m off to…)

This has a really tiny applicator brush that goes on so thin. I used it just on my upper lids over my black eyeliner and it was perfect. I had a little sparkle when the light hit my eyes right, but I wasn’t covered in glitter like a Halloween fairy. It wasn’t sticky at all, washed off so easily and was just enough bling for the night.
I don’t know what I’m more excited about, the holidays, the makeup, the sparkle, or the fact that all of these products are under $10.
I’m calling a four-way tie. What looks are you bringing out for the holidays? Anyone else on a shimmer kick?

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