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Meg here to bring you Era Everyday Airbrush Bronzer in the shade “Sun Kissed”. Classified Cosmetics has always gotten huge marks in the reviews here. Hillary always lets us know what’s new and hot and fabulous and hooks up with all their latest and greatest.

Airbrush makeup always seemed so out of reach. I remember when people were going gaga for the “airbrush machine’ and then take the bulky (and extrememly expensive) device to try to duplicate the seemless airbrush touch. I’m a makeup junkie and even I can’t justify the impracticality of an actual machine in my powder room. It’s a ladies loo, not a mechanic’s garage!

I’ve grabbed for this uber handy spray can and used it so many times so far. I had been using as a “touch up” to my spray tans. You know no matter how hard you rock that darn barrier cream you still end up with a splotch here or there or an unsightly line. Well, atleast I do, I usually end up with the uneveness around the ankles or top of the feet. With a quick spray and little pat my unsightly boo boo’s are completely impossible to see. So that is what I had been predominately been using this gorgeous spray bronzer for, that is until last night.

Last night I went to a party and wore a wonderful flame red cocktail dress, I matched it with my cherry nails and lips. Unfortunately, I can’t really pull off the Dita Von Teese look and I looked washed out. With no time for a spray tan or for even an express self tanner I grabbed the Classified Airbrush bronzer. I was a little bit hesitant because I had never taken the full body plunge before, nevermind with an event 1 hour away. After I toweled off my freshly showered body I hopped back into the shower (no water on) and began to spray and pat all over my body. Not only was the color virtually natural but it had a slight, subtle shimmer to it. It was easy as pie to apply and it dries instantly, a little dab will do you! I’ll be able to get many applications out of this trusty can and it’s pretty impossible to screw up! Most importantly, my skin looked flawless, healthy and gorgeous! I’m
giving this baby a huge endorsement. Now you don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy the perfection that airbrush makeup can provide. Plus it’s light as air and feels as fabulous as it looks!

Classified Cosmetics Era Everday Airbrush Bronzer is Sun Kissed is “The first patented airbrush bronzer to gently hydrate skin with the natural glow of a sun-kissed holiday…Everyday!”

Ladies, have you tried the gorgeous and easy Era Everyday Airbrush Spray? Did it make you feel like you were kissed by the sun?

\nERA Everyday Bronzer Here!

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