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Last week I told the story of how Epione Signature Series Eye Creme made its way into our lucky hands Epione Eye Story and Reviews-Here I added the reviews because they were outstanding. You really should see what the ladies had to say about the Eye Creme. They all went a little bit mental over it. Mental in a good way of course.

The very exclusive and famous hands of Dr. Simon Ourian created a whole 3 step signature series system. The eye creme blew us all away- let’s see how the Hydration Moisturizing Creme stacked up.

First of all, the packaging is as fabulous as the eye cream. It comes in the same LV inspired box and a heavy art-deco inspired jar. It’s just sublime.

I subscribe to about 6 different home decor magazines a month. One of the magazines (I think Elle Decor) had an article in it all about bathrooms. There was a list of do’s and don’ts. #2 on the list was “Never leave your beauty products or face creams out on your sink. No one wants to see that! It’s just too much information!” I use to follow that rule when I had guests. Then I got the Epione series and I proudly displayed them on my sink. Not only do my guests WANT to see these jars (it’s like baccarat designed them) but they usually bring one out with them saying “Oh, I loved this! It’s so glam! I hope you don’t mind but I tried just a teeny tiny dab! It’s AWESOME!”
I may go back to hiding these products, but not for the reason Elle Decor thinks.

The Hydration Creme itself? It’s ridiculously moisturizing. It seeps into your skin and you instantly feel soft and smooth. It makes you glow, it brightens dull skin and rids you of dryness.

Dr. Ourian’s Epione Center is right smack in the most hoity-toity section of Beverly Hills. Dr Ourian sees hundreds of patients a day, there’s no difference between what the well-heeled and famous want and what we want. His top request is always for “beautiful skin”. He didn’t start this line to become rich (between you and I-he’s doing ok) he started it to be able to take a lunch break. With his expertise, he’s buying us all more time.

Here’s the deal on Epione Signature Series Hydration Moisturizing Creme…“A rich, decadent hydrating moisturizer to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles Combats dehydration and defends against the daily onslaught of environmental aggressors like dryness and air pollution Restore the appearance of radiance, tone, clarity and luminosity associated with healthy skin Replenish youthful, firmness and three-dimensional contours.”

Ladies, let us know if Dr. Ourian has scored another unanimous “must have” with Epione Signature Series Hydrating Moisturizing Creme!

Epione Hydrating Moisturizing Creme Here!

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