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gunshowMegken here- I had a very manly weekend. I went with my father to the gun show. Gun shows attendance is about 95% men. I noticed the women there are not the core readers of this site, none used make-up, not even lip-gloss!

I was on a quest to find something, anything that would a relevant product to review for I didn’t have any luck with my search. The non-gun items were all kinds of beef jerky and flashlights. Somewhere on the two floors of the convention center I was hoping for something, a hand cream, a shampoo, a razor-I came up empty though. 

I stopped off at the supermarket to find something that would save my Manly Monday post.  Since we are still waiting on the testers to receive next week’s great products, I figured that I would try something I have only heard about. Elmer’s Glue to remove black-heads. I have tried the biore strips before and thought they were fun and painless. I am sure they have already been reviewed. I had to try the child’s white craft paste for myself. I was scrambling-Meg doesn’t like it if I don’t turn my assignment in on time! My Uncle Lewis once told me that people are putting white glue in their hair for mo-hawks, I love the megheads only so much.

I covered half my nose as a test.

“Ken-it’s not good for you!”

Megken: “I need to do it for the Megheads, they deserve to know.”

Meg walks out of the room shaking her head as white glue dripped off the tip of my nose onto my shirt. She also said, “it takes off the good oils.” I thought to myself, I am sure my nose will make more good oils. But then her words echoed in my head, and I continued to worry, “What if I have a reaction? What if half my nose turns red? What if Meg is right and I need those good oils?” After long 25 minutes of paranoid neurosis,  the white eventually turned clear, and just in case Meg was correct I couldn’t get it off me too soon.

I was on a mission for my readers, I was going to do this!  Honestly, there was still a little white but most was clear when I slowly peeled the clear, hardish, re-purposed elementary-school-supply-turned-facial-product off my nose. It felt smooth. I saw what I thought were the little “pore-cloggers” on the glue as I was able to peel it all off in one piece.

Today, I woke up and both sides look the same, the pores still looked the same way before I coated them with craft adhesive. Thank heavens my nose was unharmed, my shirt is a different story.

I didn’t notice a positive or negative change. What is the best way to do home extractions of black-heads, etc?

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