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Caroline here to bring you items truly worth the splurge! Champagne and Caviar Dreams Ladies!!

I have never had this much fun in the bathroom! This started out as a simple request for Caviar Beads but turned into a heyday or hurrahs!!! I’m in love with and obsessed with Elizabeth Grant (and her publicist April Jackson!).
Hooray for both of them!

I love the packaging! Simple, chic and straight forward! Thank you! The website is easy to use and you can buy products right there.

Back to the Caviar … for those of you who don’t know (which I did notmyself until two weeks ago) … it is actually from real fish eggs!! OMG!! Elizabeth Grant uses a Caviar Extract from actual Salmon! No wonder my skin looked so looooominous! It makes sense … Salmon contains nutrient rich Omega 3 fatty acids, so rather you eat it or bathe in it, you get the same results … plump healthy hydrated skin.

Hey all you conservationalists … Elizabeth Grant only harvests from NON-ENDANGERED Canadian Salmon. How ’bout that?!

Now I may have gotten a little carried away and tried out some of their other products as well. Check out their EYE PADS & GLOVES!!!! I am totally serious. I have always wished these products and now I know someone was
listening! I love these eye pads – they are SOOO cool. You just tear openthe package, stick these caviar infused pads under your eyes and then 15 minutes later, it’s completely plump, ‘wrinkleless’ and dewy all around your
eyes and check bones! And don’t even get me started on the gloves!! GENUIOUS!

Any other Elizabeth Grant fans?

Elizabeth Grant Buy It Here!

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