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elfMeg here! You all know I have been on the road and Saturday I will leave and be gone to three different cities on three different flights by that Tuesday! I am starting to really have to pare down my makeup collection (just for sheer sanity-and I’m really not that strong!)

Here is a fabulous palette! e.l.f. Master Makeup collection! As far as value I think this is our best find yet for bang for the buck! 141 different items. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE FOR $40!! FORTY DOLLARS. Let’s put it into perspective-you can’t get two Chanel lipsticks for $40 but you can create hundreds of different looks with this kit. I do suggest your favorite primer on your eyes first or if you’re not a primer type of girl then coat your eyelids with your favorite concealer. I use the concealer tip when I run out of my eye primer. I love playing with the shadows. Let me be more exact-I love playing with different combos of the 84 different shades there are to select from. I get decent wear out of them and they definitely can stand next to much pricier lines.

I blend a lot with the different blushes and out of the 6 different choices I have come up with a few different shades just by mixing and matching a bit. 4 shimmer creams, 4 concealers, 4 bronzers oh, and a whopping 36 lipgloss colors to choose from! I’m not great at math but lets see here. OK, 141 items for $40=around 0.30 CENTS AN ITEM!

They also throw in a few travel tools but I use my “professonial brush set” on them (just my preference.) I love that the powers that be at e.l.f. were smart enough to give us a large size mirror to go with it! The case is compact and sleek perfect for a travel bag but too large for any purse that I carry. This brings me to the next item I adore!
The e.l.f Mini Makeup Collection
does fit in my computer bag perfectly! What can I say? I have my laptop with me 24/7. What? Oh, Well of course we’re dysfunctional and yes I’m co-dependent on both my mac and having anything I may need for a “makeup emergency” touch up!

This kit says “mini” but it packs a punch! Twenty Seven Items! I especially love the gold/browns and the green shades for eyes that I can whip together to a perfect match. This kit really has everything (except mascara) for $15.00! It even has the mirror and mini applicators.

I think the price and the quality are an amazing value all around! I’m the queen of makeup and I am not ashamed to say my go-to is $15! No shame in my game-it works!

Who has tried either the e.l.f. Master Makeup or e.l.f. Mini Makeup and what did you think?

Buy Master Set Here!

Buy Mini Set Here!

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