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The chic reps from Elemis sent us some of their Daily Moisture Boost for men. When I opened it, I was so excited! I’ve heard great things about the line and then I saw it said “for men”. Yowzers! What a waste! Dear Elemis…It’s MEG’S MAKEUP, not MIKE’S MAKEUP. I quickly had to get on the horn and call our testers to see what men they had to offer up as guinea pigs. The caveat was that they HAD TO post. I’m sure in about 2 hours their will be women across the countries yelling at their significant other to get to it.

I have a very important man in my life (besides my husband) it’s my gay housecleaner Jesus. I love Jesus. In fact, more then a few of our reviewers also love him. He’s just really supportive, tells me I’m skinny and makes my house look sparkling. He is a miracle worker and I’m happy to spread his word. He’s no carpenter but boy oh boy! Wait until you see how he gets your woodwork to shine!

He’s no charity case, he’s become LA’s hottest self-proclaimed “man maid”. I’m pretty sure he makes more then all of us who use him at this point.

When I handed my husband the Elemis to try, he just took it begrudgingly, like “oh, here’s another thing I have to do”. I couldn’t believe the laissez-faire attitude he had about being HANDED A FREE BEAUTY PRODUCT! No squeals, no omigod I love this, no excitement. I was almost insulted. However, he did take it, he said he’d post for it and that’s really sometimes all a gal can hope for.

Jesus was here today. My house looks amazing. We had a bunch of laughs and at the end of his job we popped open a couple of Stella Artois’s and chatted some more.

I went to my powder room and saw the Elemis Moisture Boost in the cabinet. It was probably used once. Then I thought of my dear confidant in the next room. My husband doesn’t care that this stuff costs $45.00. He likes his Dial soap. Who would appreciate this? Yup, you got it, “Jesus”, I handed him the Elemis and what he did makes me love him even more! He was so impressed with package, the consistency and that it did cost $45.00. He told me he’d try it and let me know all about it so I could post for him! He was psyched!

Does it really take a gay man to appreciate a great moisturizer, what about all this “metrosexual” talk? How a man couldn’t be so excited to tear apart the box and go for it I’ll never understand. Then again, the men that do always end up as my best girlfriends so maybe preference is the key.

Here’s what Elemis claims for their daily moisture boost…“This lightweight moisturizer is designed to immediately recharge and hydrate the skin after shaving, defending it from harsh external pollutants. Exclusive blend of Polynesian Green Tamanu Oil from the Tree of A Thousand Virtues native to Polynesia and Cactus Cerus Flower helps soothe shaved skin and any feelings of discomfort, achieving an overall improvement in skin condition. A trio of Citrus Oils decongests the skin, offering day-long free-radical protection. Skin compatible, plant based natamilks of Chestnut and Bamboo assist in restoring elasticity, suppleness and essential nutrients stripped away during shaving”.

Ladies, please force your men to post if Jesus was right to spread his glory over his new moisture boost!

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