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Sweetassgal here! today bringing you an eco-friendly and economical beauty find this Green Chi Tuesday!

Like the rest of the country, my money is not to be spent willy nilly these days so I had to control myself recently on my tri-annual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Or as you folks call it…to Sephora. I really do need some new makeup brushes because I always seem to me applying my makeup in the car these days and I need a basic set for al fresco application. I meandered over to their brush section and started counting up the tally…face brush $35, concealer $22, medium eye $20 and angle eye $18 for a grand total of $95. One quick butt pucker later and I was retreating from the store with my Korres sample in one hand and my food court cherry lemonade in the other.

Now, I know that any makeup artist worth their salt will tell you that good brushes are an investment and they are absolutely right. But lets face it…I’m not exactly painting a Picasso on my face (though I wake up looking like I did if I neglect my nightly regime) and right now my financial status is about as stable as Chris Brown’s endorsement career. So though I love my original set of Sephora brushes I needed to find a more pocket friendly option to get by until this bizzaro world I’m living in where food and mortgage come before makeup and shoes corrects itself. The answer happily presented itself a few days later at Walgreens of all places in the form of the EcoTools Bamboo Six Piece Brush Set.

Being the Green Chi reviewer this immediately caught my eye. The kit is complete with a blush brush (which I will use as a loose powder brush since I don’t wear blush) eye shading and eyeliner brush, concealer and lash & brow brush all wrapped up in a natural cotton and hemp case for just $12! Obviously these have to be junky trash tools…right? Even I recognize that $12 spent on junk is WAY worse than $95 spent on quality so tempting the shoplifter-busting gods I broke into the seal at the top of the case and pulled them out of the package to get a better look. I was truly in awe of how SOFT these cruelty free brushes made of synthetic taklon were and how graceful the bamboo handles felt in my hands. Bamboo has a low impact on our earth’s resources and is a highly sustainable plant so it’s a wonderful choice for an elegant looking tool. Satisfied with the overall quality I sealed the pack back up and plunked my $12 on the counter before they hauled me off to the pokey for petty thievery.

Home to test I was thoroughly impressed. These brushes distribute your powders and colors evenly and glide effortlessly across your skin. The handles are secure and the brushes DO NOT SHED which is usually the case with inexpensive junk brushes. I’ve been using them for two weeks now and they have held up marvelously and wash easily with warm water and a mild soap. I love the fact that they are made from recycled and sustainable products and that the brushes aren’t animal hair. I’m a HUGE animal lover and I read an article a while back about the production of most animal hair brushes in China, where there are no regulations against cruelty that was mortifying. After that I can’t imagine dragging a brush across my eyelid knowing the hair was yanked out of an innocent animal (insert shudder here).

I checked online and bought individually these EcoTools brushes would total $30 so it behooves you to seek out the 6 piece pack (note the brush case counts as 1…I embarrassingly spent a few minutes looking for the 6th brush!) for the best value. Get them before EcoTools realizes what a great thing they’ve got going and jacks up the pack price! They have them at Target, Rite Aid, Walgreens and Ulta as well as online. I’ve checked out many, many of the reviews on and and everyone says the same thing…extremely high quality environmentally friendly brushes at prices that are literally a steal. I certainly feel that way and am still waiting for those shoplifter-busting gods to catch up with me any day now charging me for beautifying with a non-deadly weapon! GLAM ON!!! Have you ladies found any nice brush sets that don’t break the bank? Any thoughts on EcoTools? EcoTools-Buy It Here!



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