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The fantastic reps for DuWop sent us a few bronzer’s from their DuWop Bronze Fresh collection. We all got “months” to review. Mine was “June”, the other’s were labeled “July” & “August,” that went out to our testers. How fun and happy to name a product with a seaon we associate with vacation. Subliminal marketing, genius!

Meg is writing this new post sipping some bubbly! Today, Megsmakeup went on the BIBLE GOSSIP SITE Meg has been reading this site for ages and is so honored WE HAVE AN AD ON IT!! If that doesn’t call for champagne I don’t know what does! . Quick side-note, Cristal is great if you want a fierce headache. Please pass this bottle by and buy the real Meg’s fave of Veuve Clicquot. Cheaper yet better!

Bronzer’s have really come along way. They used to be so garish! The only old alternative was the dreaded sun. I used to slap on some oil and bake, I was even known to grab the tin foil! I know, one day, I’m going to pay for all this

Silly, Stupid me! There is no excuse for that behavior! DuWop has a golden glow to match your preference! Fitting compactly in your purse. They even add a cherry high-light! The compact is magnificent!

Ladies please post if this compact duo cured you from the harmful summer rays..Faux is so now…

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DuWop Bronzerush June and August

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