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You know you’re in L.A. When even your blush is suppose to be talking to someone..
Meg’s Make-up does its very best to get as high a quantity as possible of the featured product. We help you to decide what to buy (we hope). Don’t take it from me….Here’s what 15 of my friends think. That said, we were only able to secure a very limited quantity from the esteemed beauty house that is DuWop. Don’t fault ’em, they just had a very limited supply of the stuff on hand. The reviews will be limited on this item. It doesn’t mean anything other then we had very few to send out.
Whenever I see the DuWop line (which, if you subscribe to the beauty mags is often) they are always “editor picks” products. DuWop sent us over the very popular “BLUSH THERAPY”. Here’s how they describe the product..”Close your eyes and imagine the perfect blush: A velvety cream formula (never before seen in a stick form) with the translucency of a gel. Now add a cooling sensation and the aromatherapy of custom blended essential oils built right into the cap”.
Meg’s Make-Up will be following up with DuWop to see if they’ll send us out a few more to even out the reviews. In the meantime, will the lucky ladies that received the BLUSH THERAPY please post if they felt closer to finding themselves after use??

$ DuWop Blush Therapy Vivaldi $

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