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The regal and posh Marla from Duchess Marden sent Megs make-up out an array of products to test from their natural line. They have the Duchess part covered. The package screams refined elegance, gold on gold family crest like swirls adorn these substantial bottles. Marla set out to combine a “scentous” experience. Each product smells elegant and beautiful, all of these rose based beauty products not only treat but refresh.

I have been getting in touch with my “inner naturalist”. I have stepped up my gardening and now not only do I grow the most gorgeous roses but I have moved on to veggies! Yup, I may be out in the backyard with my 3 inch heels and hose but you should see my tomatoes! I’ve also been growing my own peppers and moving on to squash. When I tell people this they laugh. “You garden”? Then the eyes roll and the head shakes and a little laugh comes out.

When I say “I’m tending to my garden” I might as well say a pig flew by my house but whatever. I’m trendy, if this whole natural, green, love your land movement is for real then I have just as much a right to get on that boat as much as the next beauty maven!

Normally, at our mailings every lady becomes paralyzed when an extravaganza arrives. Strangely enough, this was not the case with Duchess Marden. We all knew exactly what item we wanted to try from the get-go and thankfully everyone wanted a different one! Those mailings are not fun when someone ends up with a black eye (I kid).

Here’s a little info about the elegant and pure Duchess Marden. “Your body plays host to your mind. Nurturing and nourishing your body both inside and out – skin and senses, as well as vital nutrition promotes a state of well-being. Tending to your body can offer a “scentuous” experience: an experience that engages your olfactory and limbic systems, enlivening emotions, memory and behavior. Duchess Marden bottles this experience, offering delightfully scented products derived from pure, natural plant-based elements, without use of additives, chemicals or preservatives.”

Ladies please let us know which Duchess Marden item you were lucky enough to test!

Please post if Duchess Marden made you want to join me in my rose garden!

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