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Sweetassgal here thanking my wonderful new friend Stylemama for bestowing upon me the gift of Dr. Hauschka!  We are sisters in sensitive and red skin and the trial sized travel kit she gave me (which she promises will help tone down my redness) may be just the ticket I’ve been looking for.  Dr. Hauschka has a Daily Face Care Kit for oily/impure skin with a Cleansing Cream, Clarifying Toner, Normalizing Day Oil (the anti-redness secret), Facial Steam Bath and two different masks.  This is the perfect chance to test out the line and see what Dr. H really has to offer!  I love it when lines offer a trial size kit so you can really afford to give it the old college try.  Of course…I get to try it for FREE thanks to Stylemama!

This week will test out the product like no other because at just about the time this review hits the web…I’ll be winging my way to Honolulu to see my best friend Jen and my beautiful nephews Nickolas and Tyler.  As I’ve said many, many times before…I am perpetually hot and tend to look like the bottom end of a thermometer at the least heat exposure.  Last time I went to Oahu in September I almost passed from heat and humidity and am pretty sure I constantly reflected the color of my fire engine red toenails in my face.  Dr. Hauschka has his work cut out for him to combat my naturally ruddy skin as well as the sultry heat of the Island!  However, I will faithfully use this line every day for as long as it lasts and will report back the results in a few weeks or so when I feel I can accurately and honestly gage the outcome.

Stylemama is DYING for me to try this as she is SO sure it’s the answer to my prayers.  I hope so because she fell in love with my Juara Rice Cleanser I sent her and I’m hoping turnabout is fair play with this line!  Is there anything more beautiful than when two practical strangers come together in makeup and in love of sharing our beauty secrets to enrich each others lives?  I think not.  And now that we’ve met in real life, our friendship has only grown deeper.

If anyone is sitting on the “golden goose” out there and has discovered a line or product that really works please speak up and share!  This is…of course…what is really about!  Look for a follow up review in a while and as always…GLAM ON!

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