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facekitSweetassgal here checking in for this weeks edition of Green Chi Tuesdays!  If there is any ONE beauty secret I learned from my mother it’s to take good care of your skin.  From a very early age Mom was always trying to teach me the best ways to take care of our sensitive and redness prone dermis.  When most mom’s were busy nights watching Johnny Carson (pre-Leno for you young one’s) or diving for bon bon’s, my gorgeous mother was giving all of my best girlfriends lessons on steam facials and mud masks.  She even set up little individual mirror and face cloth stations around our kitchen table so we could get a good look at before and after pore sizing.  That and the constant reminder to “brush your face and wash your teeth”…yes she said it just like that…every night really helped me develop conscientious skin care habits.  Now if she could only keep me from picking at my blackheads, but that’s another habit that will take Pavlov himself and enough pharmaceuticals to take down Shamu to cure!

As mentioned in a previous post I tried out the Dr. Hauschka Daily Face Care kit courtesy of Stylemama just before my sojourn to Hawaii in September.  I really do love trial kits because you get a chance to see what works and what doesn’t and you also get to test beauty companies theories that you HAVE to use their products in conjunction with each other to really work at optimal effectiveness.  I can say without a doubt that I DID find some things that work for me and I DON’T think you have to use it all to really get the best results.  Off the bat I absolutely could not recommend the Cleansing Cream.  I found the smell horrific, the texture unpleasant and the consistency not in the least bit pampering.  It made it hard to want to continue with the rest but I was certainly glad I did.  The Normalizing Day Oil and the Clarifying Toner, however, are absolutely wonderful!  I started out with it in Hawaii and the humidity combined with the change in air really wrecked havoc on my skin so I decided to postpone the test and try it out on my home turf.  I’m SO glad I did because its so much more effective for me that way.  The Normalizing Day Oil hydrates me enough to not have to use a moisturizer and the Clarifying Toner is the perfect companion to keep my skin from going into oil over-production.  
Let me just say that you literally just need a few tiny drops of this oil to effectively treat your skin.  Apply after cleansing and using the toner by placing a few drops on your fingertips, rubbing them together lightly and then pressing through your skin.  Add a drop or two of water to the mix and this is sufficient to cover face and neck.  I concentrate on my cheeks (where most of my redness is) and my dry spots and leave the last few bits for the oilier T zone.  This area really doesn’t need much in the way of moisture.  The toner is a great prepping tonic for the skin because it’s not too drying and not sticky…that’s just the worst.  Together they are really effective and with all things Dr. Hauschka their Skin Care products are infused with vital extracts of organic and biodynamically grown plants.  Baby Love attested to the wonders of Dr. H’s Soothing Mask and now you have two more really great products to add to the lineup.  Like I said…I wasn’t impressed at all with the cleanser, though I read there are fans of it, but for me there are lots of great cleansers that make me super scent happy so I’ll stick with those for now.
My mom would be SO proud of my nightly routine and would be even happier to know that her lessons of my youth did not go to waste.  In fact, there are many, many other gems that actually sunk into my head as well.  I guess I should give her a call sometime and let her know that and to thank her for being such a cool mom.  How many mom’s you knew gave facials at slumber parties, let us raid her makeup and high heels, and STILL had time to bake a mean batch of brownies at two o’clock in the morning? 

Thank you’s aren’t just for Mothers Day!  So everyone, let us know what great beauty basics your mother taught you and what lessons you learned that she just might have thought got away.  GLAM ON mothers and daughters!Kiss

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