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globaldebrisremoverMeg here! I’m in a pickle. I had to pack for what I thought would be one week in New York City. For one week I thought I could be without my Cosminology Global Debris makeup remover. When you travel you want the easiest of convenience, right? What could be more convenient then $2.99 makeup remover wipes from CVS? I decided for one week I could be without my Global Debris and just use my easy wipes. Maybe I could have, here’s the problem…A one week trip has turned into a three week sojourn. The entire focus of my trip is makeup and fashion and so I have to leave the house everyday with my makeup done like a professional did it. I mean, for some of these meetings I don’t even leave until I’ve applied a few quick false eyelashes in the corner. I am cursing my ill informed decision to leave my Global Debris at home! My face is looking awful. I was in an elevator before my shower, early in the morning going to the deli to grab a coffee and caught a look at my skin. Yuck. It is not glowing and fresh like it was before. I seem to have somehow gotten the perfect mix of dryness and uneven redness topped off with what looks like a million new blackheads! See, when I’m not “forced to” remove my makeup I don’t. It’s late at night, I’ve been running around the city all day, I’m a few glasses of champagne in and I just reach for my wipes. Sometimes they take off the falsies sometimes they don’t. I know for a fact they’re not getting in there and cleaning my skin. Yes, I know 100% I have proof (you heard my elevator story right?)

Dr. Dima’s comments have been overwhelmingly positive, not just from the writers but from the readers in the community that leave comments. It is becoming a real favorite around here and I’m sure this is going to garner some more fabulous buzz!

With Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E working its way to clean and moisturize your skin as it takes off even hard to remove war paint it’s no wonder I am jonesing without it! I am sitting here wearing a mask I found in my girlfriends apartment trying to somehow get my skin back to the way it was before I traded beauty for convenience. I know, what got into me? See what trying to be sensible does to a girl? Never again! My skin is hating me right now. So is my liver but that’s another story.

Dr. Dima and Cosminology are giving you some early Valentine’s Day love. I wish they would come here and cuddle my face. I’m sorry! See what happens when you skimp. Undecided THREE WINNERS! Two Runners Up and ONE GREAT GRAND PRIZE!

2 runner ups will receive a Global Debris Remover (lucky ducks) Warning once you get on it you’re never going to stray
1 Grand Prize winner will receive a Global Debris Remover, 2 shadows and 1 liner so that the winner can re-create their look with Dr. Dima’s Astro-Orbital Hues.

Want to win? Of course you do! When was your worst skin disaster? I only get the urge to pop a pimple on three occasions-before I’m getting my picture taken, before a hot date or before I somehow can sense I’ll be running into someone I want to impress. Nothing says impress like a bright red zit! Kiss

So get to typing, the funniest most horrifying story will be picked by you as the winner!

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