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hicMeg here! I want to be very honest-I like my cocktails, I like my ciggs and I never get enough sleep or have a proper diet. In my teenage years I liked to use tanning beds and would lie sunscreen free in the sun. I have a few responsible qualities…I’m sure they’ll come to me sooner or later.

Oh, got one! I usually read directions. That does not apply to my review of the following product. Cosminology has a DAY cream that is “Big Bang Those Light Years Away! Hi-Plutonic C Antioxident Cream.” Ok, I am an idiot-because I thought this was amazing as a night cream.

First of all, it’s (for lack of a more descriptive term) buttery. No, It’s not like a greasy stick of butter. It’s consistency is sort of like those really high end body butters. It is really decadent and you only need a dime size amount and you will have a luxuriously covered face. It feels like it’s thick but the spreading consistency is divine. It doesn’t ball up flake. Here’s the scientific part I don’t understand-for all of it’s fabulous richness it absorbs extremely quickly into your skin. I hate going to bed all slick-WHICH IS WHY IT IS A DAY CREAM. Nothing’s worse in the morning then being in a race with the clock and having to wait for your face to dry so you can apply your paint! Frown I digress…

My face felt really soft, as if I had just used a primer. My face was baby-soft so not only does this have medical properties but it does do a dual job working as a makeup primer.

You all know I am a vitamin C face junkie. Well, this is created by a very famous dermatologist so there are epic levels of vitamin C in this potion. In fact, my face felt a slight warming sensation once I had it fully coated.

My facial warmness felt just as I described it-warm. There was no harsh burning and I consider (unlike the rest of my being) my facial sensitivity level to be quite normal.

In the morning, after I hop out of the shower I have seen a difference in the tone of my skin. I have been using this product for about 12 days. Tomorrow I am going to use it correctly, I’m going to give it a shot for the daytime. This is leaving me in a conundrum as I have grown so fond of it at night. No slick face? Super sexy bedroom softness for my pillow and zero medicinal odor?

I’m really impressed with what I have gotten from this line. I hope to turn more of you on to Cosminology. The packaging does not do justice to how incredible the product inside is. It’s a double edged sword. If the package mimicked the product I fear this jar would run into the hundreds.

I am giving Cosminology’s Big Bang Those Light Years Away 5 Champagne flutes-keep in mind I am possessive of my champagne.

Who else has a miracle product that follows true to the “can’t judge a book by its cover?” I mean, seriously, we’re not putting the damn jar itself on our face. This is really great stuff!

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