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Desertdoll brings you dream items on Fabulous Fridays

Drunk with power. I’m absolutely drunk with power! Oh, what a feeling.

Earlier this year I wrote a post for the Glominerals lip gloss we received to test. (Read it here) And because I had your attention I decided it was a good time to list my ten favorite glosses. I wanted to share, but really-it was just an excuse for me to try on the 30+ lip glosses on my vanity and rearrange them again.

So anyway, allow myself to quote….myself:
“Smashbox Limited edition in Beauty-oh why, oh why can I not get this gloss in a full size?! It’s part of mini collection and was never made larger. It’s a gorgeous sheer coral that is pure summer. Seriously, this gloss is happiness with a wand.”

Imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I received an email from Sephora announcing new summer products including, you guessed it…Smashbox lip gloss colors including BEAUTY! I have to control myself and not buy 20 tubes for fear it will disappear from my life again.

I pass this on to Meg, she’s not surprised. Smashbox folks read the site apparently. Could it be? Did they hear my desperate cries? Did I bring this gloss into production? Lil’ ol me? This really could go to my head. I should add some sort of title to my name-Desertdoll, bringer of LE lipglosses into production since 2007. That might need a bit of work but you get the idea…

It just goes to show you, the Internet may be a powerful thing. But women writing about makeup ON the Internet? That’s scary powerful.

Speaking of powerful, who’s been lucky enough to try Dr. Brandt’s Microdermabrasion? There’s a lot of these type of products are the market right now, including some really great drugstore versions. But this was one of the first and remains my favorite. They call this a “high performance” product since it mimics an in-office treatment. Why’s it so powerful, you ask? Here’s why: Pharmaceutical grade crystals polish away dead skin cells. These diamond shaped crystals exfoliate evenly without scratching or irritating. Benefits include:
• Enhances the penetration of other treatment products.
• Visibly smoothes and refines, leaving your skin radiant
• Helps clear acne prone skin and improves scars

And best of all? They’ve recently introduced a new formulation that has more soothing ingredients that improve its effectiveness without irritation.

So ladies, if Microdermabrasion (or any of Dr. Brandt’s products) has made you feel like you could move mountains-let us know!

Buy It Here -DR BRANDT

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