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brandtKate here!Obviously, I was cocky.  I really only suffered the occasional cyclical blemish as a teenager.  I thought, “Gosh! I am so lucky for my clear sking! I really am going to obey the complexion gods and take as best of care of my skin as possible!  Then by about 22 – which I think is safely out of adolescence – the dirty acne bomb exploded on my face!  More than 10 breakouts at a time! All over my face!  Without end! It’s just really frustrating – I feel like I’m being punished!

But last week, my old boss and friend Mary from Dr. Brandt showed me the new Blemishes No More line from Dr. Brandt.  There are cleansing pads, the “toner” intensoltuion, the spot blotter & concealer, a redness relief serum, and an oil-free hydrator.

Even in less than a week, I’ve cleared up dramatically just by integrating the IntenSolution into my skincare regimen!  $35 buys you 3.7 ounces – which Mary said should last 2-3 months.  It “effectively clears blemishes without over-drying skin.  It overs intensive acne treatment for race or other parts of the body where breakouts occur.”  Salicylic acid sluffs of dead skin and grime to keep from further congesting the skin.  The special Palmitoul Hexapeptide-26 helps to regulate and control the breakouts.  Plus it’s really cooling and soothing to the skin – sort of like in a Sea-Breeze kind fo way – but much less hash!

Even better, you can try the whole regimen in the Blemishes No More To Go kit for $45 which includes the intenSolution, the Oil -Free Hydrator (divine under makeup!) and the cleansing pads for about a 30-45 day supply.  There is a skincare God!

Any other Dr. Brandt Fans?

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