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Meg here! Breaking up is hard to do, it sucks. Death, putting your dog to sleep, broken heart. I think it might go in that order? I’m getting better and after a tough 3 weeks I’m getting back on the horse and forcing myself back out on the town. It’s so hard when you think you’ve found the “one” but it turns out it wasn’t the “one”.

Life doesn’t stop just because you want to stay in your bed for oh, a week or two. You have to get up and face the music and move out of Belvedere Lane. You have to dry your eyes and…Oh no, what about these dark circles? These dark circles are not looking good.

Upon closer inspection, the bags were dark and the face was splotchy. Just because I was feeling like Hell didn’t mean that I needed to look like it.

Thankfully, I have a new find and I LOVE this! Click around on the site and take a look at the packaging. It is truly cutting edge and everything that I’ve tried has a new, inventive and cool twist on the tried and true (I can’t wait to review the Click Click Lipstick.)

But Houston, we had a problem and I had a face save. Enter the fantastic 2-in-1 from Ducce Cosmetics (pronounced Doe-Say.) Ducce is a new kid on the block, just now doing a push into the US. They’re launching in Henri Bendel next month and I’m predicting the’re not going to have any problem moving into other high-end markets.

The packaging is superb, it’s substantial and feels and looks top notch. The top cap flips up and hides a creamy concealer. Once you twist the cap, you can reach the mineral foundation underneath that comes with a convenient attached wand. This foundation has been getting me through a tough time, the coverage is fantastic without feeling cakey or heavy. It also has a built in SPF 22. One less step to have to remember.

My shade is “Sanbar Beach” and it is a perfect match, the product is made here in The U.S.A and the coverage lasts all day! Check it out! 5 Champagne Flutes!

Any new finds you’ve found?


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