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Sweetassgal here bringing you another SUPER affordable Do It Yourself that is completely natural and well…let’s face it…just totally cool!
Confession time…I’m obsessed with my skin.  Closer to the truth, I’m obsessed with the stuff that resides in the pores of my skin.  Yes folks…I’m a pimple picker.  I know many of you will be shrieking a collective “GROSS” when you read that but for those of you who share my obsession you will truly understand that the little blackhead taking up residence on the side of my nose is going to require an immediate eviction!  I am endlessly fascinated by whatever may come out of my pores and there is nothing I can do to stop myself.  I’ve been yelled at my entire life, first by my well meaning mother, then my friends and now by my husband.  In fact, he knows exactly how long it takes me to use the ladies room and if I linger even 5 seconds longer in there he yells “QUIT picking!” through the door.  Busted again.
My fascination for a highly charged game of Get That Blackhead was reinforced some years back when a brilliant little invention his the aisles of my local Rite Aid…the Biore Pore strip.  Pure unadulterated genius!  Not only can I remove all of those nasty little black buggers from my pores without bruising my skin, but I also get the added bonus of checking out the little spiny remnants that cling to this little piece of magic.  Come on now…who hasn’t tried one of these and stared with bewitched delight at the proof of their effectiveness?  Seriously, it’s half the fun!!
Problem is, these little suckers are spendy.  A six pack of the Ultra Strips sells for $7.99 which works out to $1.33 a strip!  Madness people.  Sheer madness.  But what’s a girl to do because to my knowledge Biore has cornered the market and they’ve got us by the nose. Literally!  Well people…put down that debit card because I’ve got a DIY pore strip recipe for you that is pennies (and I do mean those little copper things you don’t even bother to bend over and pick up on the street anymore) just pennies a use!

1/2 Teaspoon Knox unflavored gelatin (should be available in the Jello aisle most likely sold on the top shelf above the flavored gelatins)
1 Teaspoon of milk
Stir together and microwave for 10 seconds to warm. Using a clean cosmetic brush (I use my foundation brush) apply the mixture somewhat heavily to your nose and chin avoiding your eyes.  Wash out your brush right away so that it doesn’t harden and ruin the bristles.  Let it dry for approximately 20 minutes to completely harden.  Once its completely dry simply peel off the strip and voila…clean pores at next to NO cost at all!

One box of Knox gelatin is just $2 with four packets inside.  Each packet will make 5 batches with enough to cover your chin and nose (and maybe even a buddies too) which comes to a whopping total of 10 cents a treatment or 5 cents each nose and chin strip!  I would recommend putting a warm washcloth on your face prior to applying the mix just to loosen the debris and aid in removal.  And don’t forget to follow up with a great mask like Organic Apoteke’s Rejuvenating Face mask!!!  Just one caveat…natural gelatin doesn’t smell the greatest but the scent went away after a few minutes.  Mix up a batch, leave your experience on Megs and let us know if a DIY pore strip is as effective as it is economical!  GLAM ON!!!

Has anyone ever tried this?

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