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Happy Sunday! Goddss Granny here! here “batching it” for a couple of weeks as husband floats down a river on a raft (actually,a very large yacht…) that a friend recently bought and boy,I am loving it short-term!

Wearing my rattiest stuff to lounge in,sleeping with cotton gloves and socks on while slathered in creamy-stuff,eating sushi whenever I please without having to endure the “bait” comments from him…I’m sure y’all can relate!

Oh,and I have a friend visiting from LA so we’re really planning on getting in some “girl time” at a spa in over the weekend just because we’re worth it!
You hear people say “it’s expensive but it’s worth it” all the time but what really qualifies “worth it” these days with the mind-boggling array of products out there that ARE ridiculously pricey?

Usually active ingredients,a solid reputation for quality and service,a unique niche in the market,and yes…I’m even a fool for branding and packing sometimes,LOL! (I actually LOVE the little dagger on the top of the new Urban Decay lipsticks even when it stabs me!)

One brand name that personifies the above is Dior: the breathtaking but usuable couture colors of their cosmetics,the packaging worthy of royalty,the mascaras and lipglosses that other companies wish they could duplicate…we won’t even start on the clothing and accessories they produce…as IF but still,it’s inspirational and again very much “worth it” much of the time:the very name “John Galliano” gives me shivers of delight!

I was in need (“need” being the operative word here…LOL!) of a new foundation,the weather has become a bit cooler and much drier and my tried and true MAC was looking a bit too dark and feeling a bit too tight so I started looking around for something that has the “replenishing quality” I am needing,the coverage, I like (don’t be talkin’ to me about sheer and/or mineral foundation…) and shades that would compliment my Irish-girl skin without looking like a bad spray on tan.

Dior Capture Totale Foundation:OMG…pure perfection in a bottle and I don’t say that lightly! A tiny bit from the beautifully-designed pump bottle sinks right into the skin but somehow manages to smooth,eliminate,and cover anything you don’t like while adding a radiant finish and “airbrushy” glow without the mess of a spray on foundation.

From Dior:”Dior’s description: “Capture the luminous, radiant look of youth with new Capture Totale Foundation. A unique blend of Capture Totale anti-aging ingredients (Alpha Longoza™ and Centuline™), optical correctors and HD Liquid Crystal Pigments™, this revolutionary serum foundation gives skin radiant ‘high definition’ perfection in every dimension. Thanks to a broader band of multi-toned pigments more subtle, real and natural than the four (red, yellow, white, black) usually used in foundation. Treats all the signs of aging. Boosts collagen, nourishes, replenishes, re-plumps.Ideal for mature skin, dry skin or dull, ‘flat’ skin lacking radiance.”

Liquid pigment crystals give a serious “smoothing effect” much as the addition of pixels to a photo can cause it to appear more even and defy the “shadows” that aging can cause and re-creates the look of a youthful,flawless, complexion!
It’s a serum-based foundation that contains their wildly-successful “Capture Totale” serum along with proteins,biological compounds designed to prevent and treat skin while wearing as well.

Not oil-free but I have a drawer of products that are and that’s why they’re in a drawer,it doesn’t sit on top of the skin,it re-surfaces the skin into a perfect canvas effortlessly!

Beautiful range of shades and I love the word “Peche” anyways,LOL! My sensitive skin loves it too!

The downside to what may very well be my “Holy Grail” of foundations is that it’s a bit pricey but because you need such a small amount,I can see where it will last longer than most and I get to have a perfectly elegant bit of Dior on my vanity that makes me feel like the Goddess I am!

If you’re looking for a truly unique and sensational product that delivers,I can tell you that this one is SO “worth it!”



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