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Well lovely ladies…it MUST be Trader Joe’s week here at Megs! My amazing mother and brave little sister came down for the weekend to celebrate my sisters 21st birthday! Technically she turned 21 on July 7th but the fact that she is a firefighter and was out saving the State of California for 48 days prevented her from celebrating properly. Sorry folks…no drunken bender here. She wanted three things…Sushi, Sephora, and Skin care.

Sephora was as always…a wonder of product cruising perfection. Sister was really in the mood to do it up and we had a BLAST! I must say…we hit the best of everything and she walked out of there with a goody bag FILLED with all the things I covet. Two Faced bronzer and Teddy Bear Kabuki Brush, Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy shadow, potion and BIG FATTY mascara, Smashbox nude lip gloss, Smokey/Rocker Eye kits, Jonathan Hydrating Balm, Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion and the Boscia Willowbark Spot Treatment. Follow that up with a night of fabulous sushi and skin care treatments with the girls and all in all it was a perfect night!

The next day I conned my mother into staying an extra night by dangling a trip to Trader Joe’s in front of her…gladly…it worked! We continued our wonderful weekend going up and down the aisles picking out the tastiest treats and best natural products around. Finally, heading down the natural beauty products aisle I was struck by yesterday’s yearning for my sister’s Boscia Willowbark Spot Treatment and hoped I’d find something similar. Then it appeared before me…Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Blemish Touch Stick…just $7 and begging to be taken home. I’ve learned a lot recently about the wonders of Tea Tree Oil and thought this convenient little stick might be just the natural and vegan thing for spot treatment on the go! It has a strong Tea Tree Oil and Lavender smell (duh) but it dries quickly and dissipates somewhat…at least enough so it doesn’t seem overpowering but I’m used to herbal smells so it wasn’t that big a deal to me. I wore it overnight and it did help in reducing some inflammation I had and calmed a pending breakout. It’s available at your local Trader Joe’s or online at . Here’s what they say about it…

Clear Skin – Clear Conscience

insect bites
skin irritations

Desert EssenceĀ® Blemish Touch Stick is a special formulation of 11 natural essential oils designed to promote clear, healthy-looking skin. It includes Eco-Harvest Tea Tree Oil, an inherent antiseptic which leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh. The essential oils of Blue Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary, Thyme, Birch and Petitgrain help to soothe and nourish the skin. Desert EssenceĀ® Blemish Touch Stick leaves the complexion clear and radiant.
No animal ingredients or testing. No artificial detergents, color or synthetic perfumes.

In checking out reviews online I’ve found some people complain that its too strong or causes redness. Quick fix here is to take a Qtip, wet it, then run it across the ball to dilute the oil…then apply! I’ll be giving this a try for a while and post back under the original review to let you know how its going as well as checking in with my sister on her skin progress!

Has anyone else out there tried the Boscia and the Desert Essence to see how the compare? I’m dying to know!!!! GLAM ON megsmakup gals!

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