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The fabulous rep, Melissa from Dermalogica sent Meg’s Makeup some of their Multi-Active Toner. This was such an exciting coup for Meg’s Make-Up, I’ve always loved the Dermologica line so I hope this is the start of a long relationship!

Toner is a very confusing product to me. Dermologica was kind enough to let me select the product of my choice. I wanted to try a toner because I haven’t used one since I was a pre-teen and tried Sea Breeze. It stung the heck out of my skin and that was pretty much it for me.

Well, here’s the thing. Sea Breeze is not a toner. It’s an astringent. What’s the difference between astringent and toner? ALCOHOL! Astringents are used for oily skin, toners are used to refresh. Usually, toners will have soothing ingredients to draw moisture to the skin.

When I looked at Dermologica’s Multi-Toner I saw some pretty calming ingredients…Lavender, Balm Mint & Aloe. There would definitely be no stinging with those properties!

I am really glad I decided to revisit toner! Now I know toner works for me, astringent is my real culprit!

Ladies please post your thoughts on Dermalogica’s Multi-Active Toner.

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