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Every Monday Vocalist Meg will answer the tough question-does it really work?

Vocalist Meg here! Bringing the TV offer’s, internet deals and telling you if THEY REALLY WORK!! I hunt down the products that speak to you at midnight! The offers that creep as a flash ad onto your laptop and..ORDER THEM!! So you don’t have too! Aren’t I nice? Let’s start with a product line that’s been all over the internet and info-mmercial circuit lately..

Today I want to tell you about a spectacular product called Dermacia. It is water based “Breathable” makeup with “Lycogel Complex.” It bathes your skin in vital oxygen and water to soothe redness, swelling, and irritation associated with problem skin. It also has a spf 15 in it. Always being skeptical, I did not expect this product to give me decent coverage or soothe my tender acne. I didn’t expect it to feel light or even blend decently.This product “actually” DOES do what it claims.

(Cover, Soothe prevent, and protect your skin.)

After finding myself highly impressed and a “New Customer”, I noticed a few other things that only make these products even more desirable. Scent. No, not a good scent – but the lack of scent is what appealed to me. There are NO harsh smells, perfumes or dyes to irritate your skin. Even the most tender acne, will feel soothed and (well on its way to healing…)

If you are like me and have sensitive skin or uncomfortable acne, please try this product. It will be your new FAVORITE! You can order a free trial for $9.95 of the products, just be sure to return them within the 30 day period if you’re not happy or else you’ll get the first of 2 $49.95 bills!! I really was happy with this product but always read the fine print ladies!!

While you can find this product and more information at – I am most impressed with the many other testimonies I was able to find at: Please visit this site to read more about this awesome product! As always, you can also send post your Dermacia comments here! If you have concerns over any other products, issues or advice you need answered- simply send me a “Shout out” at AskMeg@Mail.Com . I love hearing from you all and I look forward to answering more of your questions.

this is vocalistmeg, not plain ole meg from megsmakeup, just want to be clear 2 different Meg’s. I am not at the address-Meg

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