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We have many, many resident Anglophiles’ here at Megs…and its no wonder. If David Beckham is reminiscent of ANYTHING English then Bob’s your Uncle and pass the bangers and mash! I have a great appreciation for anything European so I can’t just limit myself to the Brits. A hot nightclub on Las Ramblas in Barcelona, oh yeah…an even hotter Italian gondolier wearing tight black pants in Venice, oh baby! But I must admit through it all, I have an affinity for all things French. I adore the haute cuisine, love the smooth sophistication, and fawn over the fashionable couture.

I went with two of my best gal pals to make the trek across the pond in our mid to late-twenties. I had just begun a two month relationship with a guy that I was fighting my true feelings about when we took off for Europe. I’m a ‘rules’ girl and was refusing to admit this was the guy I was going to marry. I was desperately trying to be aloof and act like I didn’t care that we were continents apart. Paris, however…had other plans. Strolling down the rue Saint – Honore’ and trying my darndest NOT to look like a gawking American I came across a beautiful Parisian salon with it’s name emblazoned across the front of the building. There it was…the name of my new guy back in California…Franck Provost…elegantly scripted in basic black. Shedding my temporarily adopted European cool I raced across the street and immediately demanded the girls take my picture under the sign (can you say TOURISTE!?!). I had never heard the name Provost before and now here it was…halfway around the world staring me right in the face. I took it as a sign and told him I loved him the SECOND the plane landed back in the States. We were married a year later and I still love my Franko to this day.

Enter in one of the most elegantly French of all things beautiful and Parisian…Decleor Aromessence Skin Care products. I, in particular love the Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang oil treatment. This is the antidote to oily skin. Its blend of essential oils has both purifying and regulating properties. It is a potent treatment which helps rebalance sebaceous secretion and deep cleanses and brightens congested complexions. Now, I tend to run oily so let me tell you I was VERY skeptical about putting additional OIL on my already GREASE slick of a complexion. Seems like overkill to me. However, I did the research, read the reviews and decided to trust in the French and go for it. And I was SO glad I did. Not only are the aromatherapy properties soothing and a remarkably luxurious way to end my day but it actually DID get my oil production under control! I have NEVER been able to go several hours without reapplying powder until I began using this gorgeous product. I only use it at night and just a little goes a long way but I will not be without this for as long as my skin remains OHH-LA-LA clear, soft, and ultra luminous!

Check it out (and the rest of their great products) at DECLEOR

Created in Paris in 1974, Decleor is now recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive and effective range of Aromatherapy Face and Body Treatments. Essential oils with their many beneficial properties (aromatherapy) have been the basis of the Decleor product range. The astonishing olfactory powers of essential oils are combined with their remarkable cosmetic properties to achieve results with products that are truly a pleasure to use. With Decleor you will discover a new approach to beauty that will dramatically increase the results of your care treatment. Let yourself drift through Decleors subtle and beneficial aromas. Natural beauty comes from an understanding of how the body works and how the powers of nature can encourage balance and vitality in life. Based on Eastern holistic philosophies, Decleor approach to beauty is indeed unique in its combination of the purest, most potent and natural ingredients.

For all of you other skin-type girls out there…there is a Decleor natural Aromessence Oil for you too! The Visage Angelique is perfect for dry or dehydrated skin, Neroli compliments regular skin to combination, Rose de Orient pampers sensitive skin, and Aromessence Iris energizes and redefines mature skin.

Well, I’m taking my gorgeous looking French inspired skin off to a boulevard cafe for some fine French champagne with my distantly French husband. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Chime in girls…have you tried any of these wonderful oils? Let us know what you think and as always…GLAM ON megsmakeup gals!

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